26 October 2014

My Recipes: Dynamite Ala Vee

Since cooking has been one of my de-stressing activities, I did cook this very simple appetiser/pulutan recipe. So if you are a fan of hot and spicy food, you may continue reading this post. 


Lumpia Wrapper
Long Green Chillies
Cheddar or Quick Melt Cheese
Canola Oil or your own choice of cooking oil




1. Wash up the chillies then cut it lengthwise just enough to remove its seeds.
2. Remove the seeds of chillies.
3. Re-wash the chillies (you may omit this if you want it to be more spicy) then drain.
4. Slice the cheese thinly so as to cover the entire space of the chillies.
5. Stuff the chillies with cheese.
6. Wrap the cheese stuffed chillies with lumpia or milo wrapper.
7. Fry then set aside.
8. For the dip, combine mayo and ketchup then stir and get that soft consistency.
9. Serve.

I just spent a Php 100.00 with this recipe so why don't you try it? Have a Spicy Sunday!!!

10 October 2014

Restaurant Review: ASAO Grill and Steak House

For my last post, I have featured CAFE ANTIX. For this blog post, I am featuring ASAO Grill and Steak House, which can also be found in Cavite City particularly at 897 P. Burgos Avenue, San Roque Cavite City. Its the same road en route to PN or Naval Base Pascual Ledesma. I actually had my lunch on said restaurant the day after I had my dinner at Cafe Antix.

Asao Grill and Steak House business hours is from 0900H - 2030H. Last call for orders is actually at 2000H. Just last September 3, it has already been featured at Mikael Daez' Midnight Express in GMA 7.

13 September 2014

Restaurant Review: CAFE ANTIX

One of my havens when I feel stressed out or simply finding a place where I can review, read and draft my articles/reports/blog posts or unwind include cafeterias.  NCR is actually convoluted already with the different coffee and tea shops.

Coffee shops located in McKinley, Resorts World area, BGC and Pasong Tamo area were already my tambayan sites. Aside from having a place where I can find a piece of serenity, it's also near my workplace so whenever my boss have an emergency call, as we always say, isang tumbling lang.

Come March 2014, my world became a total revamp. An order was given to me sending me to a schooling, which will later on change the course of my total being..as a naval officer, as a wife, as a daughter and most especially as a mother.

From a totally enclosed, cool room in Fort Bonifacio, I was transferred to Cavite City. Being reassigned to another unit and transferring from one place to another is inevitable. Nevertheless, it must not be discounted that I had a bit of a problem on adjusting. I had a hard time looking for a new tambayan. 

Three days prior leaving Cavite for my break before reporting to my ship, I successfully found the perfect place where I can stay once I get back to PhilFleet. CAFE ANTIX.


Cafe Antix is located at 5125 P. Burgos Ave. Cor. Cabuco St. Caridad, Cavite City (right after Subi Monte). Its theme is actually antique inspired place. Here are some of the photos of the cafe:

Cozy table set inside the cafe. They actually don't have available seats outside the shop. From the outside, you will think that it has a small space so I was actually surprised that the place was quite roomy.
They have nice depiction of the old television type and other appliances. 
The familiar antique stuff you may find inside the cafe.

An every angle shot of the cafe.

So the ambiance of the place has already passed my standards. How about the food? Here's what we had:
Forgive me on this part. My friends and I were really hungry we even forgot the name of this. But this is a pizza good for both veggie and meat lovers (omnivores). This is just Php 300.00. Good for 4 people.
This is Cafe Antix' Matcha Green Tea, my choice. This costs Php 70.00 for 8oz.
Cafe Latte at Php70.00.
We were supposed to add up pasta in our orders. But since the pizza is already heavy (not expecting really that the pizza would really be good that I was even surprised by its affordable rate), we opted not to add up pasta dish. THE MENU.

(This one I won't put watermark) For those who would like to visit Cafe Antix, here is what in their menu:
Pizza Menu
Pasta Menu
Sandwiches and Burgers. (Good for sharing)
Sandwiches and Burger Menu Part 2.
Hot and Cold Beverages.

03 September 2014

My Recipe: Peach Halves Frozen Cake ala Vee

If you noticed, I am more inclined to cooking main courses and or appetizers. Admittedly, desserts is not my forte. But I actually endeavor to learn more of making pastries. Hopefully when time permits, I will be able to have some training at TESDA or maybe a formal training perhaps at a culinary school.

So here's my version of PEACH HALVES FROZEN CAKE:

1 can broas
1 can 400g peach halves
2 cans Nestle Cream
1 can Alaska Condensed Milk


1. Cut Peach Halves into thin pieces. Set aside.
2. Mix Nestle Cream and Condensed Milk.
3. Lay broad flat on your container then top it with the cream and milk mixture.
4. Repeat procedure 2 till the layer almost reach the top.
4. On the topmost layer, place the peaches. Pour the remaining cream and milk mixture.
5. Chill it for about 2 hours.
6. Serve cold.

So far, my kids and my husband loved it better than when I used graham. Broas is already sweet so I did cut my condensed milk usage to one can instead of using 2.

Have a sweet tooth day everyone!

20 August 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: SWISH Mouthwash and Breath Spray

Being in the military, mouthwash and breath spray has been part and parcel of my husband and I's toiletry set. When worst comes to worst like Field Training Exercises (FTX), emergency conferences and other surprise meetings, mouthwash and breath sprays are treated as quick fix to that after lunch or merienda smell.

However, using mouthwash and breath spray is also like having a relationship: you find what brand is meant for you. Finding a brand not suitable for you is like having that love-hate relationship. I believe that some have the same horror story like mine: tongue/mouth burn that led to none working taste buds for almost 3 days! That was awful!

Now, I am having, loving and embracing a new product brought to you by UNILAB!

UNILAB advocates its alcohol-free mouthwash and breath spray SWISH!
For their mouthwash, among the flavours include mangosteen mint (which is actually my favorite), peppermint fresh and arctic chill.
Aside from mouthwash, peppermint fresh
flavoured breath spray is also available!
Of course, its alcohol-free and sugar-free!
So what are the benefits of using SWISH from other brands? Well it promotes a person's wellness and hygienic through the following:
1. It gives fresh breath at an instant without that burning sensation.
2. It effectively cleans mouth and gums. (Admit it. Sometimes toothbrush is not enough).
3. It is proven safe since it is alcohol and sugar free.

So what are you waiting for? LET'S SWITCH TO SWISH!!!

08 June 2014

My Recipe: Vegetable Spaghetti Ala Vee

Spaghetti has been one of the staple foods in various kiddie parties. In our home, it is my husband's favourite pasta, which eventually became E's favorite as well. What is the difference of this one to other spaghetti? Well, I did not use any meat. Here's how:


(For the Sauce)

1 kilo spaghetti sweet style sauce (this is loved by kids)
Tomato paste (the amount will actually depend on you. This helps the sauce to be a little thick and creamy)
5 tbsp olive oil
1/2 cup butter
1 whole garlic minced
2 onions minced
1 large size of carrot cut into small cubes
1 large size red bell pepper cut into small cubes
1 tbsp dried basil leaves
1 270g mushrooms thinly cut
1 small can condensed milk

(For the pasta)

Spahetti or angel hair pasta (I used 450-500g)
3 tbsp cooking oil
1 tbsp rock salt


1. For the pasta, cook it according to its instructions located on its back label.
2. For the sauce:
    a. Saute' garlic (until brown) and onions (till caramelized) with olive oil and butter.
    b. Place the mushrooms and leave it for about 3 minutes.
    c. Place carrots and leave for 3 minutes.
    d. Place spaghetti sauce and stir. Let it simmer for about 5 to 10 minutes.
    e. Place red bell pepper, basil leaves and black pepper. Mix in tomato paste and condensed milk. Let it simmer again for about 10-15 minutes. Stir the sauce mixture once in a while for it to avoid sticking with the cooking pan.

Pour the sauce on the pasta. Serve warm. Top it with grated cheese.

07 June 2014

Pre-Product Review: Hair Regrowth Through NOVUHAIR

For a woman like me, our hair serves as our "crowning glory." We are often more concerned of how does our hair look like than our skin (well at least for me since I find my skin to be more manageable than my hair). This also holds true to my husband who for about 2 years now has been having a problem with hair loss. Prior reviewing the gift of Novu Hair, we must first answer some questions about hair loss.

Hair Loss Facts

Types of Hair Loss
  • Involutional Alopecia - a natural condition in which hair gradually thins when we come of age.
  • Androgenic Alopecia - this can be possibly experience by both male and female. Men may begin experiencing this in their teens while for us women; we may being experiencing this in our 40s.
  • Alopecia Areata - this is a patchy hair loss among young and adults that could even result to tap hair loss. On the other hand, about 90 percent of these cases return to normal hair condition after a few years.
  • Alopecia Universalis - hair all over the body falls out (yes everything!).
  • Trichotillomania - psychological order where one person pulls out his/her own hair and is mostly seen in children.
  • Telogen Effluvium - temporary hair thinning over the scalp.
In addition to this, hair loss may be hereditary, genetics, severe stress, illness, result of over-all ageing process, hormonal changes (especially for women who just gave birth or are still pregnant) and nutritional changes.
Treatments For Hair Loss

There has been a lot effort scientifically in negating this natural human phenomenon. On the other hand, in the advent of science and technology also, natural remedies are already available and this is where NOVUHAIR enters.

NOVUHAIR Pre-Product Preview 
(My Husband's Testimony)

Novuhair Topical Shampoo and Topical Scalp Lotion
NOVUHAIR is a product that boasts of its natural herbs, essential oils and nutrients that naturally treat hair problems the safest and effective way.

My husband started using these two main NOVUHAIR products last May 5, 2014. As I have sighted above, he has been suffering for a kind of alopecia for I guess 6 months now aside from the fact that baldness is somehow hereditary in his father side. 

For a month now, 2 patches of hair loss are still present though we noticed thin brownish hair follicles that are already starting to grow. The product promises that a greater result can be seen after the first set of package is used. My husband is actually on his halfway using the product and currently we both are satisfied with result we are seeing.

On the other hand, it must be noted that CONSISTENCY in using the product is needed. Likewise, your job type is also a factor. My husband is now in his staff position and stress is actually inevitable. So at the end of the usage of the product, this also affects its effectiveness. Nevertheless, we firmly believed that we already found the product meant for my husband's hair loss treatment needs. 


06 May 2014

My Recipe: Creamy Macaroni Soup Ala Vee

This soup has been my kid's favorite. So here it is.


450 grams elbow macaroni (for this purpose I used Fiesta brand)
270 grams evaporated milk (I prefer Alaska)
1/4 cup of butter
3 tbsp olive oil
5 cloves garlic minced
1 whole white onions minced
1 whole red bell pepper cut into small cubes
1 whole carrot cut into small cubes
chinese cabbage
parsley or dried basil leaves
onion leaves (optional)
left-over chicken/meat or fresh chicken innards
2 chicken cubes
1 tbsp salt
Black Pepper


1. Sautee garlic and onions with the butter and olive oil oil until golden brown.
2. For this purpose I used our leftover (grilled chicken) as ingredient as well. So mix in the meat.
3. Pour in water (it actually depends on you on how much water will you pour in, I often use a pitcher for the 450 grams elbow macaroni). The tendency with small amount of water is that the soup doesn't look like soup anymore. It actually looks like macaroni casserole already. Drop the chicken cubes as well. You may use pork cubes if you choose to use pork meat. Let it simmer.
4. Once it simmers, place the pasta then wait for it to be half-cooked.
5. When the pasta is now half cooked, place the carrots and the evaporated milk. Wait for it to simmer again.
6. Place the red bell pepper and the cabbage. Once it simmer, put the salt.
7. Once the pasta is almost well done, place the parsley or dried basil leaves, and black pepper.
8. After the soup is cooked, you may also put onion leaves.

This recipe is good for 8-10 people. I also spent about Php 200.00. This is more healthy for the kids than those instant noodles.

26 April 2014

My Recipe: Pinakbet ILOKANO

As our folks always say, you are not a certified Ilocano if you do not know how to cook our famous delicacy: Pinakbet or Pakbet. So here is my share, which I cooked last Good Friday.


15 pieces native eggplant 
15 pieces okra
a cup of winged bean (sigarilyas)
3 medium sized ripe tomatoes (cut into 4)
5-8 pieces native bitter melon (native bitter melon are round in shape) (cut into two)
3 native onions (cut into two)
3-4 finger chilis (siling mahaba)
half a bowl of fermented fish (bagoong isda: preferably Lingayen fermented fish)


1. Place all the vegetable ingredients in the cooking pan.
2. Mix about a cup of water with the half bowl of bagoong isda then pour it in (except for the fish itself) the cooking pan with all the ingredients. Do this twice with the same set of bagoong isda used. The first mixture is more concentrated than the second one. The second mixture will prevent the vegetable and the recipe itself to become too much salty.
3. Light up the stove then let it simmer for about 20-30 minutes. You may add up grilled fish on top of the vegetables once it is half-cooked already then it is ready to serve.

The catch in Pinakbet Ilocano is that you just place all the ingredients and let it cooked by itself. Maybe you will see some sautéing the vegetable first but in a typical and native Ilocano way, we just do the above-mentioned procedure, which is actually more healthy since no cooking oil is needed.

This recipe I made is good for 3-4 persons. It also costs roughly Php 50-60 only.

24 April 2014

4th Leg Philippine Navy Governance Forum Series 2014

Yesterday, 231300H April 2014, the Philippine Navy hosted by the Philippine Fleet conducted the 4th Leg Philippine Navy Governence Forum Series 2014 entitled "Ethics in the Military Service." 

The speaker was no less than Honorable Antonio Trillanes F Trillanes IV, Senator of the Republic of the Philippines. The forum was held at the Fleet Training Center where men and women in the Philippine Navy were all enjoined to listen. The forum even reached the several Naval Forces via Video Tele-Conferencing.

The Chief of Staff, Philippine Fleet
The programme started at exactly 1330H (1:30 P.M.) with an invocation followed by the singing of our National Anthem. Meantime, the Chief of Staff, Philippine Fleet, CAPT GAUDENCIO C COLLADO JR PN(GSC) delivered his welcome remarks and subsequently introduced the Guest Speaker.

Disclaimer: The information indicated in the next section came from the mini lecture of the speaker. No opinion or other information came from the blog owner.


Senator Trillanes may be remembered as the brains behind the Oakwood Mutiny. But since 2007, he started serving the country as a legislator. And since he began his fight against corruption, as part of his advocacy, he gave us a mini lecture of what he has supposedly researched before as a young naval officer in connection with the alleged corrupt practices prior the Oakwood Mutiny transpired. His topic was subdivided into three:
  • Types of Corruption 
According to Sen Trillanes, corruption in the Navy is divided into two: first, is the shore-based corruption, which includes conversions, commission on infrastructure projects, over declaration of soldiers and ghost payroll. Meanwhile, the second type is the ship-based corruption such as pilferage, repairing of ships that doesn't need the same to gain savings, extortion, smuggling, protection "rakets", and "placement fee" for those who would like to go aboard ship the easier way.
  • Motivations for Corruption
As per stated by Sen Trillanes, there are several reasons behind why corruption is being committed (at least according to what he have researched as emphasized):
  1. Vices.
  2. Low Salary.
  3. It is easy to do.
  4. The Commanding Officer is part of it or he allows it.
  5. Nobody checks.
  6. Nobody gets caught.
  • Policy Proposal 
Senator Trillanes as a former part of the Philippine Navy, understands clearly what the sailors and marines and the whole AFP personnel for that matter really needs in order to stop and alleviate the root causes of why corruption exist/ed. Hereunder are the initiatives and updates of the policies proposed for the benefit of the men in uniform.
  1. Increase salary and benefits. The Senator reiterated the update on Subsistence Allowance which will be implemented by the end of the year. All members of the AFP will be able to receive subsistence allowance of Php 150/day. In connection with this, an increase in quarters allowance is also to be implemented, which will be rank-based. Better Medical Benefits are also on its way for passing. This is very important for us soldiers since being in the military equates to having our one foot automatically buried in the ground. Salaries later on will also be positional-based. Lastly, (according to my notes) a representation and service allowance proposal is also proposed. 
  2. Inspector General to be transferred under the supervision of the Office of the President.
  3. Mandatory regular drug testing.
  4. Prohibit gambling.
  5. Fixed term in positions.
  6. Pick a Flag-Officer-In-Command who is NOT CORRUPT.
  7. Once the allowances proposal will be fully implemented, APPLYING FOR LOAN WILL BE DISCHARGEABLE.
At the end of the lecture, a forum was conducted. Due to time constraint, only two questions were entertained which were answered in details by the Senator. The Commander, Philippine Fleet on the other hand gave his Closing Remarks emphasizing that THE CURRENT NAVY IS DOING ITS BEST TO PREVENT THE CONDUCT OF CORRUPT DEEDS through the efforts of the Flag Officer In Command, Philippine Navy.  

Looking forward for the next PN Governance Forum. I hope that this post has given you a handful of information. For further questions, you may email me or send a pm in my FB and Twitter Account. I've be more than willing to answer in all my capacity in connection with Senator Trillanes' talk.

23 April 2014

Giving Birth With Needles: Tribute to Mothers Who Gave Birth via Caesarian Section

I dedicate this post for the women who have undergone extra pain in giving birth and going under the needles in order to ensure their child's safety.

Photo Courtesy
Every woman's dream is to bear and have a child. But sometimes, we are so overwhelmed with the fact of the giving birth process itself. July 2011, my friend Moomy Musings and I became walking mates at the AFP Medical Center, preparing for the day we both will give birth to now brat mates Echo and Noa. Compared to Mommy G, I will assess that I was really more patient in walking (our friend and attending OB Cpt Adesita Binalay-Sagario ordered us maximize walking for us not to have a difficulty in giving birth). Mommy G gave birth via normal delivery last July 4, 2011. Four days after, I also gave birth...guess what...via CAESARIAN SECTION. 

Eight months later, I got pregnant with my little girl Alfa/Army and gave birth last January 2013...again via CAESARIAN SECTION. 

On The First

If i were to choose, I would prefer giving birth via normal delivery. But in Echo's case whose from cephalic became footling breech on the 38th week, this is quite impossible. Besides, I guess the procedure is secondary only to the safety of your child, don't you agree?

When Cpt Sagario conducted IE in the morning of July 8, 2011, she felt something different saying: Sis, we will have an ultrasound ok? I just have to check on something." And so I followed. Her team then saw that my little acrobat inside my tummy then turned around and from cephalic position, he became footling breech. They then decided to conduct C-section in the afternoon. 

At exactly 1930H (7 P.M.) that night, I heard Echo's first cry. 

Though the after operation was painful that I even caught fever, it was all worth it knowing that Echo was delivered safely.

The Girl

Maybe you will ask, second baby? Why so soon knowing that as OB suggests, a two to three year gap  is the best time to have a second child especially when the mother have undergone C-section. Well, a baby is a blessing whether it is by surprise. 

Unlike with Echo, my pregnancy with Army came more smooth-sailing. I was a happy feet going here and there. Come last quarter while our family was having a vacation in Davao, the dilemma came: Placenta Previa. (For further information you may review my post entitled "Placenta Previa: Alfa/Army's Early Arrival").

Endpoint: Pre-mature delivery via C-Section at the Pangasinan Medical Center.

Whatever type of child-giving birth delivery you will undergo, only one thing is common: the pain is immaterial for as long as your child and your health as a mother is ensured.

Likewise, be sure to always have a good professional relationship with your doctor. Always be informed. Have a happy pregnancy and childbirth experience mommies...


06 April 2014

NASOCLEAR: Kissing Allergic Rhinitis Goodbye

Photo Source

Allergic rhinitis according to MedScape and Medline Plus is an inflammation of the nasal membranes that is characterized by sneezing, nasal congestion, nasal itching, and rhinorrhea, or in any combination.  These symptoms usually occur when one person inflicted with allergic rhinitis breathe in dust, animal dundee, pollen or even eat food that he/she may be allergic too as well. Apparently, while allergic rhinitis itself is non-life threatening, morbidity from the condition is significant. It is important to note that for some instances it may be accompanied with severe asthma or anaphylaxis.


Nasoclear (0.65 percent Saline Solution Nasal Spray) is a clear, colourless solution, free from foreign matter, supplied in plastic bottle with plastic cap (nasal atomiser)  that contains 6.5 mg Sodium Chloride and 0.02 percent Benzalkonium chloride (as preservative) for each ml. Nasoclear helps ease and cure the above mentioned condition of nasal congestion; cold or flu symptom; nasal irritation due to pollen, dust mites, mild, and pollution; nasal allergies and, upper airway cough syndrome (postnasal drip).

It helps add moisture inside the nose to dissolve and soften thick or crusty mucus and provide relief for dry, crusted, irritated and inflamed nasal membranes.

Unlike other nasal spray, Nasoclear maybe used for infants and young children who cannot blow their noses. Moreover, it doesn't need any prescription and can be bought over-the-counter (OTC).


Being born in the highlands of Baguio City, allergic rhinitis has been part of my growing up years. Even when I became a cadet, it has always been my  agony. I have tried the old ways of "pausok" and even the extreme thing: eating cat meat (ulk!). I have also tried about two (2) kinds of nasal spray (which I prefer not to expose what brand) but still a failure. Since then, I became reluctant in trying other nasal spray because it was already instilled in my mind that all nasal sprays are just the same.

Until I met Nasoclear. This product was so timely I was able to use it already! With the cold drinks and a lot of ice cream I had last Friday (04 April) since it was my dear friend's birthday, I did catch A.R. once again. So there goes my clogged nose again. As per given in its dosage administration, I applied 2-4 sprays. Unlike other nasal spray, I did not feel any pain nor uncomfortable feeling. Surprisingly, I was able to sleep soundly during that night.

For further details about Nasoclear, here is a video:

26 March 2014

A Surprise Lunch at CHOICE BUFFET

"A great person attract great people and knows how to hold them together." 
(Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)


It's an ordinary day when I arrived at my office last 25 March 2014. I sat on my table and began finishing the pile of work which I do not want to be stocked up once I leave for a new schooling..for a new assignment. Precipitously, my admin assistant Jam asked me about different buffet restaurants which I can recommend for her mother-in-law's birthday. So I gave her a list of my recommended buffet restaurants. At the end of the discussion, we both agreed to have the said supposed celebration at Choice Buffet at Macapagal Avenue.

At about 1100H same day, my boss texted me asking my whereabouts (I was roaming around the headquarters letting my clearance paper be signed by concerned offices). So I came back at the office. He asked me out for lunch together with his close mistah, who is actually our unit mate as well... So ok since its almost lunchtime I said yes. 

Apparently, we were the first customers who arrived while the restaurant was not even fully prepared yet. Then suddenly the staff at the counter asked "Ma'am, kayo po ba si Jaime, young nagpareserved for 13 people?" I was quite astound and later on realised, yeah, it was the same resturant Jam and I were talking a while ago and now there is a sudden reservation? Weird. But after a few minutes, I realized that it was a surprise lunch intended for me...

A few minutes later, everyone in the office arrived. A short talk was delivered by my boss while everyone was gladly smiling back at me..it was really hard to hold back my tears but I was known at my office as taut and stringent when it comes to work so pinanindigan ko na. Afterwards, I did also give my message. It was really overwhelming I could cry... So here are some of the photos I took during the farewell lunch..

Upon entering. Here is Micah, one of my admin assistants.
The counter and the buffet area proper.
We were the first one at the main buffet counter. We still beat the record! Eating machine mode...
This was the card given to me by my officemates...All of them wrote and wished me well...I will surely miss them...
Once again, to my bosses and my researcher/analysts, thank you very much for all the memories, for being supportive and being patient with me. I am now bidding farewell to my comfort zone but all o you will always stay in my heart...arrividerci...


Choice Buffet is located at Macapagal Avenue. It mainly caters Korean dishes. It is quite the same with Yaki Mix but with a little twist since it also offers shabu-shabu. Their current buffet rate is Php 499.00 during lunch and Php 550.00 for weekdays and Php 600.00 for weekends.

Food: 8.0
Location: 8.0
Cleanliness: 8.0

19 March 2014

An Apology

It has been months since I haven't posted anything from this blog...since I hosted my last give away...since I signified to write a review for a brand of vitamins for babies. 

With that, I would like to sincerely apologize first to my mommy friends from AMO for being an absconder for months; second, to my readers for being absent for quite a while (which actually felt like years for me); third, to Miss Mariz Lee-Ong of Babypalooza Bazaar for not following up my last give-away hosting; third to Ceelin Plus specifically to Unilab Philippines for not being able to release a review of the product last year; fourth, to myself, for becoming stagnant and unproductive. 

Photo Source
In as much as I would like to elucidate what happened behind my absence, I just can't. And again, I am sorry... But for those months I wasn't blogging were the months that I felt like a total bum and more stressed. Gradually I shall be posting again...as soon as I move to a new "home". 

I simply missed everyone.