25 May 2012

D-Nee I Love!

     Last 26 April 2012, a very good friend and blogger Mommy Glaiza, (Moomy Musings) posted her very first blog give-away contest entitled: "D-Nee All-Natural Baby Care Products Give-Away". Like what I have been doing since I got pregnant, I joined the contest and tried my luck. Well, not only because I wanted to have the freebie/give-away but I also got intrigued with the review that Mommy Glaiza have posted. 

     As a mother, we share a lot in common like reading a lot of books that may give us hints on handling our growing babies, finding out new products in the market fhat will benefit our baby and of course our pockets as well and scrutinizing the details of the products we buy for our babies may it be food, clothing stuff, feeding accessories etc. As I have understood from her article, D-Nee is still a newbie in the market but comparing it with the established products that were released earlier, D-Nee's quality equates the performance of its competitors but with a lower price.

16 May 2012

Mother's Day 2012

     2010 was a very special year for me as the year opened its doors with a wedding blast last January 28, 2010. It was also the first year when my ex-boyfriend (now my husband) celebrated our birthdays as married couple. November 2010 turned out to be the one of the happiest days for us after learning that I was pregnant. This was subsequently followed by our garden wedding last December 2010. Alongside, it was also our first holidays as husband and wife.
   I think 2011 was even happier when our son Marco Quintin "Echo" Fernandez was born last July 2011. As my husband has said, having Echo with us made our lives complete and more meaningful. 2011 was my first birthday year to have Echo with me. This is the same for my husband.

14 May 2012

Eating Your Heart Out at YAKIMIX

      The second week of May 2012 was like a “hell week” at the office. T-O-X-I-C as I may spell it out. So my office-mates and I agreed to eat our heart out and distress through the most convenient way: EAT ALL YOU CAN escapade. We first had our reservation since we know that YAKIMIX (Hobbies of Asia) has a lot of patronizers.

        On the D-day, we went at the venue on time and as expected, we were one of the first groups to arrive. We entered the restaurant at exactly 11 in the morning, just in time for the start of the lunch buffet. As per experience, early birds catch the early worms. We were given the best table location (which was directly beside the buffet table). Oh by the way, our group was composed of eleven (11) people. I think I must multiply it by two since our group has a big appetite. LOL. Here are some photos taken at the YAKIMIX (Hobbies of Asia).

Our group went at YAKIMIX Friday Lunch, that is Php 520.00 per head
We got a table good for 12 people.
My paper table mat.
My "first" plate. I got a lot of refill. LOL.
Our table's griller.
Long line of choices to grill...W-O-W!
A complete set of sushi rolls. I wasn't able to taste everything!
Salad Bar 
Halo-halo and ice cream dressing corner
Ice cream freezer
Pastries and Dessert Corner
"Green" area. (more on veggies)

first batch ^_^
Our table filled with individual choices of food
my officemates while enjoying their food 
My choice of veggies while I had a break with the grilled stuff. Kimchi helps!
My choice of dessert: Leche Flan, blueberry cheescake, fruit tart and personalized ice cream
Venue - 10/10
Cleanliness - 9/10
Space - 8/10
Taste of Food - 10/10
Over-all - 10/10

     I will surely come back to this place. Just a piece of advice, be sure that you have a big appetite and that you will not have any left-overs because this equates to extra payment. Hope this helps!