26 December 2012

Gender Awareness and Sensitivity Board Team Building

Last 14-15 December 2012, the Gender Awareness and Sensitivity Board (GASB) of my unit got a chance to hold a team-building. Its purpose is to know more about each other and to build camaraderie among the group. This was held in Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) Training Camp in Ternate, Cavite.

PMC Training Camp Headquarters in Ternate, Cavite. As a courtesy, we first visited the Commander prior proceeding to our destination, the seaside and FOIC Cottage where we stayed overnight.

We proceeded at the Drill Instructors Net and there first settled our things.

Since we arrived at about 1130H, we all got hungry and of course, we prioritized the call of our tummies.
After having lunch, we then fixed our stuff at the FOIC Cottage. As one of the officers aboard, I was the one tasked to be the emcee and facilitator of the games (I'm pregnant so I cant join the games prepared). Prior the games, we first had a short program.

My Buddy during cadetship, LTJG CHARO T ESPANOLA PN gave a welcome remarks to the participants.

The Chairman, GASB of our unit, LT FLORISSA YNCIERTO PN gave the house rules and the purpose of the activity.

After the program, the first activity was a mind game wherein the group will form a big circle and be able to memorize everybody's name. After the said activity, the games were then started.

Soldier Mom's Corner Blogger (myself) as I facilitated the first game.

First Game: Egg Catching

Second Game: Calamansi Relay

Third Game: Sack Race
Group picture taking before taking a break and snack time.
While some are having their snacks, swimming and chatting time during the break, we grab the opportunity to have our videoke time.

The next game held was the leg race wherein a string was tied on the players' ankle. The pair must be able to go around a pole (which was not included in the photo) and go back to their team's position.

This was the spider web game. The group is composed of 6 members each. The group must be able to cross three of them by carrying their designated groupmates. The group with the fastest time wins.

Right after the games, we then proceeded back to Drill Instructor's Nest for the early dinner/merienda and exchange gifts.

Some of the gifts during the GAD Team Building.
Since the event was for overnight, the whole night was filled with singing, laughing, and bonding. As for a preggy mommy like me, I opted to have my midnight snack and sing my heart out thru the videoke.

The following morning, my underclass Rodelyn and I, went to an early swimming. I was dreaming to spend more time in the water but since swimming triggers premature contractions, I opted not to stay long and just satisfy my cravings to swim.

My second time to be in bikini while pregnant. Celebrating the gift of motherhood. So what with the "whale" figure.

As a whole, I find our team building fruitful and full of fun. I am looking forward for another GASB team building for the coming years. Empowering women and standing for our rights!

10 December 2012

Babypalooza Bazaar 2012

     Last November 30, 2012, I got to attend the Babypalooza Bazaar 2012 at Walter Hogan Building of Ateneo De Manila University, Quezon City campus together with my very good friend and idol in blogging, Mommy Glaiza of Moomy Musings. We went there together with my firstborn child, Echo and my mother.

It was my first time to attend the Babypalooza Bazaar. It wasn't as grand as the other bazaars but for a mommy like me who wants to save yet have the same quality of products, this is a good event to attend to.

It was a very fruitful event since I was able to meet Mommy Theresa of Mommy and Baby Essentials and mommy Karen of Ygo's Organics

Photo Courtesy of Moomy Musings: I received a bib from Mommy and Baby Essentials
Photo courtesy of Moomy Musings: I received Purees and cookies from winning Moomy Musings pre-baby palooza bazaar blog give-away contest!
 I really did enjoy the bazaar mainly for two reasons: first, because of my winnings of course and for the great finds and second, as a blogger, I saw how my friend Mommy Glaiza built a friendship with her sponsors. Actually, she is now preparing for another set of give-away contest from Mommy and Baby Essentials. Wow! Hereunder are some of the few photos I took during the bazaar:

Sophie the Giraffe was mounted on the stairways. I haven't been able to buy any Sophie the giraffe but I guess since I will be having a baby girl for my second pregnancy, I will purchase one.
Mommy and Baby Essentials booth. I am now having regrets on not buying that Skip Hop Set which only cost Php 1000 for the bagpack and lunchies. I just hope that would be on sale next Babypalooza Bazaar.
Mommy Karen of Ygo's Organics while fixing her booth...
This is one of my favorites. Customized diaper cakes which may serve as Baby Shower gift!
Of course there were also food booth for those who will get hungry. I was able to taste home-made tacos and blueberry cheesecake.
I was able to buy Fiddlesticks and Green Apple cookies for Echo from Ygo's Organics, Baby girl shoes (unused) for only Php 50.00 from a stall (no name on it) and Home made organic soap from Messy Bessy Organic Household Products for Php 115.00 only.

How about you? Do you attend bazaars? Maybe you could share some of your bazaar havens?!

Winner of Soldier Mom's Corner First Blog Anniversary Give-Away Contest

     Hi there Soldier Mom's Corner followers and readers! The lucky winner on my first blog anniversary give-away contest is...

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     Please leave a message on the Soldier Mom's Corner Facebook Page to include your Full Name and Mailing Address.. Thank you!!!

05 December 2012

Avenue for Mommies Online Turns One Give-Away Contest

     As I write this blog post, I still can't believe that my mommy group has already turned one last November 24, 2012. We conducted our first ever Grand Anniversary and Christmas Party at KFC Function Room 3 at SM Megamall with attendees of 40 pairs of AMO mommies and daddies and 50 AMO kids.

     I myself as one of the three AMO Admins and as one of the organizers was surprised that this event would come into a reality and would become successful. But with the grace of God and with the determination of the families of the Avenue for Mommies Online, this became a realization.
Photo Courtesy of Mommy Liv Reyes

     Thank you to mommy Ron Moreno for the tarp design and I would also like to acknowledge the help of my contemporary (who happens to be a daddy himself that is why he gladly assisted me) for the printing of the tarpaulin, which is also my small contribution to the party.
"The Working Force", in preparation for the big party. Photo courtesy of Moomy Musings.

     Thank you so much Mommy Liv and Daddy Ayie for being the Warehouse, I mean for extending your house for the AMO working force and for letting us use your home sweet home as stockroom prior the party...
     Of course, thank you for the super delicious meal. I cant forget those veggie balls and pancit..plus that lumpia at barbeque! At least you were super paid off by the grand prize you got (Aprica Colan Carrier)!Ahaha...

Our generous sponsors: Philips Avent Philippines, Aprica Philippines, Drypers Wee Wee Dry, Tiny Buds, Goody PhilippinesSansfluo, Hummingbread, Team Sir George by Mary Pauline Salon, Goody Pulp, Nutri-Del, Pumpkeen, Bite Block, Smart Steps, Ygo's Organics, Smart Parenting, Cast and Craft, Dainty Ashley, Mustela Philippines, Unilab, Moms and Kids, Bulinggit Corner, The Fawn Shoppe, Bugs and Kelly, TipTap, Moomy Musings and Chicco Philippines.
Photo Courtesy of Mommy Sherrybe Raymundo
Thank you Mommy Mona and Momy Edel for lovingly and patiently making these artistic snowflakes...

Gorgeous mommies who took charge of the registration: Mommy Grace, Mommy Mae and Mommy Sherrybe.
Party Name Tags done with Love by Mommy Sherrybe.
Mommy Edel doing her job as Emcee and myself Soldier Mom's Corner blogger and one of the AMO Admins, as I have delivered the History of Avenue for Mommies Online.
Mommy and Kiddie Loot Bags from Drypers Wee Wee Dry, Philips Avent Philippines and Tiny Buds
Raffle and Games Prizes from our generous Sponsors
This glamorous cake is courtesy of super pretty AMO Mommy Grace of Hummingbread.
After giving a short background and history on when, where, how and why AMO was created, founded and started, a representative from Philips Avent Philippines and Aprica Philippines gave a privilege talk.
The lucky raffle winners of Philips Avent Sportster Cup. I got the yellow and pink design (for Alfa) since Echo already have the green design, which I won in the Philips Avent Christmas Party 2011.
The winners of the "Higher-Lower" game sponsored by Smart Steps.
Brand Manager of Smart Steps giving a brief description on what the brand caters.
Our super cooperative and supportive daddies who whole-heartedly joined the game entitled "I-Shoot Mo Baby."
The winning daddies got Busha Pants care of The Fawn Shoppe owned by AMO Mommy Laurence
The first set of mommies who won the raffle care of TipTap Softsoles.
Mommies who won the raffle prize care of Drypers Wee Wee Dry.
One of the brilliant AMO Kids, the daughter of Mommy Krystyna rendering a song.

03 December 2012

"No One Gets Poor by Giving"

     Five days from now or so, my First Blog Anniversary Give-Away contest will already end. But as I have said in my Facebook page, this is just the beginning of this holiday season's treats. As the owner and empress of the Mary Pauline Salon Empire (who happens to be a very good friend of mine) once said, "no one gets poor by giving." With this, I am preparing another set of gifts for you Soldier Mom's Corner readers/followers! Stay tuned as I prepare for it!

28 November 2012

Soldier Mom's Corner Celebrates its First Year Anniversary in Blogging

     November 14, 2011 marked the day when I initially posted my first ever online article in this blog page. I have been writing since I was in college and the only things that changed are the topics and focus of my write ups. For this blog page, it is more confined on my career and family. I still write in some journals in our unit but of course, it is more on the specific matters of my work.
     As I remember it right, I wasnt really fond of reading blogs. I started liking it when I have read my good friend's blog page, Moomy Musings, where I did learn a lot of stuff not only about being a mother but also about life. From then on, I started browsing other interesting blogs. From Moomy Musings also, I learned that blogging is really a big world for it covers advertising, sharing life experiences and lessons, experiencing winning a contest and organizing one and of course my favorite, reading. Blogging is not just about writing. It is the art of writing and conveying your readers about an honest opinion about various topics, reviews of products which you were able to genuinely use (not just for the sake of advertising and getting a freebie out of it) and educating your readers on the matters where they are not yet aware of.

     For the past past year, I have shared some of my experiences as a wife, a mother and a naval officer. I may not have run a lot of blog give-away contests, but still, I thank you all for the exchange of feeds, for following my blog page and for liking my facebook page as well. And with this, I would also like to share. Just comply with the rafflecopter steps and have the chance to win these Tiny Buds items!

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11 November 2012

What's Up for Soldier Mom's Corner Readers?

     For the wonderful things God has given me and my family, I want to share.
     For the goodness of people around us, I also want to be a blessing.
     Stay tuned for my upcoming Thanksgiving Blog give-away contest and the story behind it.

05 October 2012

Happy World Teachers Day!!

     To my first mentors, my parents, to my elementary, highschool and college professors and to my PMA instructors and lastly my instructors in my different military schoolings and still soon to be instructors...

     A HAPPY HAPPY WORLD TEACHERS DAY! May you spread more knowledge and patience to your students...

03 October 2012

One Great Mommy Tip

     I am not a perfect mom but God knows how I devote myself to become the best mother for my firstborn and my incoming baby. I am not even with my baby 24/7 since I am a working mother. But I believe and I am confident that this does not make me a lesser mother. When it comes to my son's stuffs, I make it appoint that I read product reviews first prior buying so as to know the pros and cons of the product. 

     I can still remember it clearly that the very first thing I bought during my first pregnancy was the Chicco Electric Steam Sterilizer, which aided me a lot in my mommyhood. Though we are more on refrigeration sterilization method now, we still kept the said Chicco product since I am now infanticipating. And I guess such durable product is already for keeps indeed, which may still be handed down to the next generation.

     There are still a lot of products that Chicco Philippines do offer. Do you want to try some? Check out the latest blog post of Moomy Musings and have the chance to win the following items.

Photo Courtesy of Moomy Musings

28 September 2012

Drypers Wee Wee Dry's Big Event and AMO Send-Off Chit Chat

   Every mother wants best for their kids. And as a wise mommy, we purchase baby stuffs that are durable, high quality and well tested but not so expensive or is worth the price. In buying diaper, we also apply those requirements. But not all diapers are of the same kind. Some are high quality but are too expensive while some diapers are really way cheaper than the leading brands but may cause harm to your baby's skin. Dilemma right? Until Svenska Cellulosa Actie (SCA) Philippines introduced Drypers Wee Wee Dry in the market.

     SCA Philippines and Drypers Wee Wee Dry also have a sophisticated way of introducing their new innovations in the market. How? Last September 11, 2012, they invited online mothers on a very special, private and best ever event of their company on September 22, 2012 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. As the posted message says, "only the first 50 moms who shall reply "yes" to this message/post shall be given this wonderful privilege." My friend and kumare, Moomy Musings gave me a heads up on the said private event and luckily, I was able to be included in the short list.

     The next day, September 12, I was able to receive an e-invitation through email (image at the left). And since I'm staying in the metro during the said weekend, I gladly confirmed my attendance for the said event. I saw it as an avenue to learn more about the new innovations and at the same time meet up with my co-members of Avenue for Mommies Online (AMO). It was a perfect timing since one of our members is leaving for US so the group also decided to have a send-off dinner right after the Drypers Event. On September 14, I was contacted and I was informed by SCA that I am already included in the 3-5 p.m. slot.

     So here comes September 22. I left early so as to avoid human traffic at the MRT since they are not catering stored value tickets as of the meantime. My mommy friend, Mommy Liv of tinkerputt's turf and I had snacks at Robinsons Galleria prior going to the venue of the event at Crowne Palaza Hotel at Ortigas. We arrived at the lobby of the fourth floor at about 12:45 in the afternoon and just waited for the other AMO mommies since the first batch of the Drypers Mombassadors event was not yet finished.

     The second batch, which includes me and my mommy friends, started at about 1:30 p.m. with the registration. The early birds (20 mommies who first said yes in the facebook invitation post of Drypers Wee Wee Dry) were able to receive Drypers towel aside from the shirt that were given to us. 

 SCA Philippines and Drypers Wee Wee Dry know how to impress. In my perception, this event is really well funded and the organizer particularly chose mommies who are also meticulous when it comes to baby products. If I may say, this is a very good investment on the company's part while a perfect event for all the mommies who have attended it. Aside from the freebies each mommy/guest was able to bring home, the learning and the quality time spent with other mommies are the most important.

At the right side of the entrance is a candy corner. It was not an event for mommies alone but for kids as well and even daddies, grandma's and nannies. Oh, I missed out; there were also celebrity mommies who were present like Angelu De Leon, Mylene Dizon, Carlen Aguilar-Ocampo, Jackie Manzano and Aubrey Miles.

As I have said, this was an event not only for mommies but for kids as well. Thank you to Drypers that they saved and allotted a place for a play area.

 Crowne Plaza Hotel Ballroom B is a big space. The hall contained about a hundred to 150 people. The tables were properly arranged. At the registration alone, I know that the Avenue for Mommies Online (AMO) mommies will dominate the hall. I was right! We occupied three tables!!! Our headcount almost hit 25 to 30 including those who attended the morning batch.
There was also a video booth, which I fondly called that day as "testimony booth." You face in front of the camera and answer the questions "What do you love about being a mom" and "Why Drypers is your choice of diaper brand." Believe it or not, as I remember it right, my tongue got tangled while answering those questions. I may be a writer but I am not so good with cameras!LOL.
And of course, if there is a testimony booth, there is also a photobooth. I think I was able to have 2-3 shots here together with my AMO mommy friends.

There were about two lectures conducted by the Drypers. The first one was lecture about their new product innovation while the other one is focused on baby matters. I was really engrossed with the presentation that I already forgot taking pictures.