05 October 2012

Happy World Teachers Day!!

     To my first mentors, my parents, to my elementary, highschool and college professors and to my PMA instructors and lastly my instructors in my different military schoolings and still soon to be instructors...

     A HAPPY HAPPY WORLD TEACHERS DAY! May you spread more knowledge and patience to your students...

03 October 2012

One Great Mommy Tip

     I am not a perfect mom but God knows how I devote myself to become the best mother for my firstborn and my incoming baby. I am not even with my baby 24/7 since I am a working mother. But I believe and I am confident that this does not make me a lesser mother. When it comes to my son's stuffs, I make it appoint that I read product reviews first prior buying so as to know the pros and cons of the product. 

     I can still remember it clearly that the very first thing I bought during my first pregnancy was the Chicco Electric Steam Sterilizer, which aided me a lot in my mommyhood. Though we are more on refrigeration sterilization method now, we still kept the said Chicco product since I am now infanticipating. And I guess such durable product is already for keeps indeed, which may still be handed down to the next generation.

     There are still a lot of products that Chicco Philippines do offer. Do you want to try some? Check out the latest blog post of Moomy Musings and have the chance to win the following items.

Photo Courtesy of Moomy Musings