13 September 2014

Restaurant Review: CAFE ANTIX

One of my havens when I feel stressed out or simply finding a place where I can review, read and draft my articles/reports/blog posts or unwind include cafeterias.  NCR is actually convoluted already with the different coffee and tea shops.

Coffee shops located in McKinley, Resorts World area, BGC and Pasong Tamo area were already my tambayan sites. Aside from having a place where I can find a piece of serenity, it's also near my workplace so whenever my boss have an emergency call, as we always say, isang tumbling lang.

Come March 2014, my world became a total revamp. An order was given to me sending me to a schooling, which will later on change the course of my total being..as a naval officer, as a wife, as a daughter and most especially as a mother.

From a totally enclosed, cool room in Fort Bonifacio, I was transferred to Cavite City. Being reassigned to another unit and transferring from one place to another is inevitable. Nevertheless, it must not be discounted that I had a bit of a problem on adjusting. I had a hard time looking for a new tambayan. 

Three days prior leaving Cavite for my break before reporting to my ship, I successfully found the perfect place where I can stay once I get back to PhilFleet. CAFE ANTIX.


Cafe Antix is located at 5125 P. Burgos Ave. Cor. Cabuco St. Caridad, Cavite City (right after Subi Monte). Its theme is actually antique inspired place. Here are some of the photos of the cafe:

Cozy table set inside the cafe. They actually don't have available seats outside the shop. From the outside, you will think that it has a small space so I was actually surprised that the place was quite roomy.
They have nice depiction of the old television type and other appliances. 
The familiar antique stuff you may find inside the cafe.

An every angle shot of the cafe.

So the ambiance of the place has already passed my standards. How about the food? Here's what we had:
Forgive me on this part. My friends and I were really hungry we even forgot the name of this. But this is a pizza good for both veggie and meat lovers (omnivores). This is just Php 300.00. Good for 4 people.
This is Cafe Antix' Matcha Green Tea, my choice. This costs Php 70.00 for 8oz.
Cafe Latte at Php70.00.
We were supposed to add up pasta in our orders. But since the pizza is already heavy (not expecting really that the pizza would really be good that I was even surprised by its affordable rate), we opted not to add up pasta dish. THE MENU.

(This one I won't put watermark) For those who would like to visit Cafe Antix, here is what in their menu:
Pizza Menu
Pasta Menu
Sandwiches and Burgers. (Good for sharing)
Sandwiches and Burger Menu Part 2.
Hot and Cold Beverages.


To a location away from the Metro, I give Cafe Antix a grade of 9/10. Perhaps I will grade it a perfect 10 if they extend their business hours to 24/7. Besides, it is located near camps, which actually hold conferences and over-time frequently.