06 May 2014

My Recipe: Creamy Macaroni Soup Ala Vee

This soup has been my kid's favorite. So here it is.


450 grams elbow macaroni (for this purpose I used Fiesta brand)
270 grams evaporated milk (I prefer Alaska)
1/4 cup of butter
3 tbsp olive oil
5 cloves garlic minced
1 whole white onions minced
1 whole red bell pepper cut into small cubes
1 whole carrot cut into small cubes
chinese cabbage
parsley or dried basil leaves
onion leaves (optional)
left-over chicken/meat or fresh chicken innards
2 chicken cubes
1 tbsp salt
Black Pepper


1. Sautee garlic and onions with the butter and olive oil oil until golden brown.
2. For this purpose I used our leftover (grilled chicken) as ingredient as well. So mix in the meat.
3. Pour in water (it actually depends on you on how much water will you pour in, I often use a pitcher for the 450 grams elbow macaroni). The tendency with small amount of water is that the soup doesn't look like soup anymore. It actually looks like macaroni casserole already. Drop the chicken cubes as well. You may use pork cubes if you choose to use pork meat. Let it simmer.
4. Once it simmers, place the pasta then wait for it to be half-cooked.
5. When the pasta is now half cooked, place the carrots and the evaporated milk. Wait for it to simmer again.
6. Place the red bell pepper and the cabbage. Once it simmer, put the salt.
7. Once the pasta is almost well done, place the parsley or dried basil leaves, and black pepper.
8. After the soup is cooked, you may also put onion leaves.

This recipe is good for 8-10 people. I also spent about Php 200.00. This is more healthy for the kids than those instant noodles.