24 April 2014

4th Leg Philippine Navy Governance Forum Series 2014

Yesterday, 231300H April 2014, the Philippine Navy hosted by the Philippine Fleet conducted the 4th Leg Philippine Navy Governence Forum Series 2014 entitled "Ethics in the Military Service." 

The speaker was no less than Honorable Antonio Trillanes F Trillanes IV, Senator of the Republic of the Philippines. The forum was held at the Fleet Training Center where men and women in the Philippine Navy were all enjoined to listen. The forum even reached the several Naval Forces via Video Tele-Conferencing.

The Chief of Staff, Philippine Fleet
The programme started at exactly 1330H (1:30 P.M.) with an invocation followed by the singing of our National Anthem. Meantime, the Chief of Staff, Philippine Fleet, CAPT GAUDENCIO C COLLADO JR PN(GSC) delivered his welcome remarks and subsequently introduced the Guest Speaker.

Disclaimer: The information indicated in the next section came from the mini lecture of the speaker. No opinion or other information came from the blog owner.


Senator Trillanes may be remembered as the brains behind the Oakwood Mutiny. But since 2007, he started serving the country as a legislator. And since he began his fight against corruption, as part of his advocacy, he gave us a mini lecture of what he has supposedly researched before as a young naval officer in connection with the alleged corrupt practices prior the Oakwood Mutiny transpired. His topic was subdivided into three:
  • Types of Corruption 
According to Sen Trillanes, corruption in the Navy is divided into two: first, is the shore-based corruption, which includes conversions, commission on infrastructure projects, over declaration of soldiers and ghost payroll. Meanwhile, the second type is the ship-based corruption such as pilferage, repairing of ships that doesn't need the same to gain savings, extortion, smuggling, protection "rakets", and "placement fee" for those who would like to go aboard ship the easier way.
  • Motivations for Corruption
As per stated by Sen Trillanes, there are several reasons behind why corruption is being committed (at least according to what he have researched as emphasized):
  1. Vices.
  2. Low Salary.
  3. It is easy to do.
  4. The Commanding Officer is part of it or he allows it.
  5. Nobody checks.
  6. Nobody gets caught.
  • Policy Proposal 
Senator Trillanes as a former part of the Philippine Navy, understands clearly what the sailors and marines and the whole AFP personnel for that matter really needs in order to stop and alleviate the root causes of why corruption exist/ed. Hereunder are the initiatives and updates of the policies proposed for the benefit of the men in uniform.
  1. Increase salary and benefits. The Senator reiterated the update on Subsistence Allowance which will be implemented by the end of the year. All members of the AFP will be able to receive subsistence allowance of Php 150/day. In connection with this, an increase in quarters allowance is also to be implemented, which will be rank-based. Better Medical Benefits are also on its way for passing. This is very important for us soldiers since being in the military equates to having our one foot automatically buried in the ground. Salaries later on will also be positional-based. Lastly, (according to my notes) a representation and service allowance proposal is also proposed. 
  2. Inspector General to be transferred under the supervision of the Office of the President.
  3. Mandatory regular drug testing.
  4. Prohibit gambling.
  5. Fixed term in positions.
  6. Pick a Flag-Officer-In-Command who is NOT CORRUPT.
  7. Once the allowances proposal will be fully implemented, APPLYING FOR LOAN WILL BE DISCHARGEABLE.
At the end of the lecture, a forum was conducted. Due to time constraint, only two questions were entertained which were answered in details by the Senator. The Commander, Philippine Fleet on the other hand gave his Closing Remarks emphasizing that THE CURRENT NAVY IS DOING ITS BEST TO PREVENT THE CONDUCT OF CORRUPT DEEDS through the efforts of the Flag Officer In Command, Philippine Navy.  

Looking forward for the next PN Governance Forum. I hope that this post has given you a handful of information. For further questions, you may email me or send a pm in my FB and Twitter Account. I've be more than willing to answer in all my capacity in connection with Senator Trillanes' talk.