26 October 2014

My Recipes: Dynamite Ala Vee

Since cooking has been one of my de-stressing activities, I did cook this very simple appetiser/pulutan recipe. So if you are a fan of hot and spicy food, you may continue reading this post. 


Lumpia Wrapper
Long Green Chillies
Cheddar or Quick Melt Cheese
Canola Oil or your own choice of cooking oil




1. Wash up the chillies then cut it lengthwise just enough to remove its seeds.
2. Remove the seeds of chillies.
3. Re-wash the chillies (you may omit this if you want it to be more spicy) then drain.
4. Slice the cheese thinly so as to cover the entire space of the chillies.
5. Stuff the chillies with cheese.
6. Wrap the cheese stuffed chillies with lumpia or milo wrapper.
7. Fry then set aside.
8. For the dip, combine mayo and ketchup then stir and get that soft consistency.
9. Serve.

I just spent a Php 100.00 with this recipe so why don't you try it? Have a Spicy Sunday!!!