14 June 2012


    Yesterday, 13 June 2012, I tried how AIR ASIA and DRAGON PAY works. For a not so technologically inclined-creature like me, well, I think the start of the transaction was a bit fine. 
     Until here comes the payment. In the payment option, there were three icons available (that was when I had no mishaps experienced yet): Credit Card/Debit Card; E-Voucher; and, Direct Debit. And so I clicked Direct Debit and eventually clicked "Dragon Pay" after since its the third party account that accepts payment. Air Asia's website flashed on the other hand that I must be able to pay the ticket within 30 minutes, which I also did thru the help of a friend who has an online account with Banco De Oro (BDO).
     The result? A big HASSLE. How?
     --First, My friend and I paid the amount of Php 4,160.00 thru DRAGON PAY on time to be able to confirm my booking with Air Asia, which unfortunately resulted to NONE CONFIRMATION/VALIDATION.
   --Second, the above incident eventually caused HASSLE and WITHDRAWAL OF MONEY WITHOUT ANY PRODUCTIVE RESULT.
     --Third, the CALL CENTER AGENT OF AIR ASIA (ENGLISH VERSION) has the worst grammar ever! Try it for yourself. With DRAGON PAY, well, in fairness, since it is their offense, it is just proper that they have a longer patience listening to my sermon.
     Dragon Pay informed me that they will refund the money by Friday, 15 June 2012....Well, let's see if they really will.