24 April 2013

When Stupidity Strikes: MLhuillier (Services Review)

Just this morning (24 April 2013), I went to Alphaland Southgate Mall early to send money for my father (for Echo's milk and household expenses). I thought that it would minimize squandering my time if I get to send first prior going to PAG-IBIG Main Office at Makati to pay my monthly bill for our housing. I arrived at Mlhuilier Alphaland/Southgate Mall Branch at about 1000H. I filled up remittance form for about 2-3 minutes. 

Unfortunately, their system is allegedly down and cannot do business (remittance and claim) for that period, though I was reassured that their connection will resume not later than 1030H. So I waited. 1030H, no connection still so I decided to just proceed to PAG-IBIG Office at Makati. I went to the Billing Section and the whole process did not even take 30 minutes. In short, my travel time to and from PAG-IBIG was even longer than the payment process itself.

At about 1130H, I then went back to Mlhuilier Alphaland/Southgate Mall Branch. It was a good thing that the connection was already fixed. I need not fill out new form since I was able to keep the form i filled out earlier. I just rechecked it then submitted it to the counter.

What was the worst thing that happened? I knew and was pretty sure that I did write my name clearly in bold letters: OLIVIA ESPIRITU FERNANDEZ... The teller even asked for an ID which I gladly gave. How in the world that in the receipt, my name turned out to be: OLIVIA BELTRAN FERNANDEZ. Of course I questioned the details. So here's how the conversation between me and the INEFFICIENT teller went.

Me: Ano itong Beltran na ito?
Teller: Maam, iyong pong middle name niyo.
Me: Kelan pa naging Bletran middle name ko? Di ba sinulat ko naman ng maayos? Binigyan pa nga kita ID.
Teller: Maam, pakisabihan na lang po iyong magrereceive na Beltran po middle name niyo.
Me: My father will be the one picking it up, tingin mo hindi ako tatanungin ng tatay ko? Hindi ako ito!
Teller: Sige maam next time po.
Me: Next time po? It wasnt my first time to remit money in this branch! Binigyan na nga kita ID nagfill out ako form, di mo pa ginawa ng tama trabaho mo. Itatype mo na nga lang pangalan ko di ba?
Teller: (Silent)
Me: ID ko nasan na?
Teller: Alin po maam?
Me: See that! Mali na nga nilagay mong apelyido ko, di ka pa attentive sa client. What kind of service do you have? You need eyeglasses! (Walk-out).


23 April 2013

WINNER of "Hoorah! Goddess In Disguise Turns One! (Give-Away Contest)"

And the lucky winner for the "Hoorah! Goddess In Disguise Turns One! (Give Away Contest)" is:


22 April 2013

Office Dinner at DADS Glorietta 3 (Restaurant Review)

I think aside from sleeping, I'm also good at eating. I mean no! Good is an insult. I am what some of my friends call me "eating machine." I really do love looking for buffet (eat-all-you-can) restaurants where I could eat my heart out. What makes it more appetizing is when you attend such together with your family, colleagues or friends. Just like last 13 March, my office mates and I went to Dads, Saisaki, Kamayan at Glorietta 3. Needless to say what kind of pig-out we did, here is the consolidated photo taken during that night (we went for dinner by the way).

And here is my grading of the said branch:

Food: 8/10.
Venue: 9/10
Crew: 9/10
Overall rating: 8.7

09 April 2013

Hoorah! Goddess In Disguise Turns One! (Give-Away Contest)

In the blogging world, some finds their inspiration in writing and reading thru the number of "followers" (GFC, Networkblogs etc.) or likers (FB fanpage and Twitter) they have. Sometimes, if we do dwell on the numbers, we tend to sacrifice the art of blogging itself. Blogging must be candid. Blogging must not be that stiff or wobbly as well. You just have to be yourself.

And that is what the author/blogger of Goddess In Disguise, Miss Cheryl Zamora is exercising. She is candid in her posts, soft yet honest in opinions and sexy yet brave in her reviews. I should know. I have read her reviews prior writing for this blog give-away contest sponsored by her.

Goddess In Disguise is already turning one so as a sign of gratitude for her avid readers, we are giving away these prizes: Canvass Travel Bag, L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse (your choice) and a surprise gift still from Miss Cheryl herself!

Miss Cheryl is generous enough to cater series of give-away in connection with her blog's first anniversary. This is also her first time to host and sponsor a blog anniversary giveaway...first time to host and sponsor a giveaway contest for that matter, which makes me more excited to advertise and help on her blogger milestone. 

To join Goddess In Disguise pre-anniversary contest, just use this rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest will run only for two weeks SMC followers because as I have said, Goddess In Disguise have prepared a series of give-away. Join now!

08 April 2013

Island Cove's Island Spa Experience

If you remember my post on "Five Ways to Pamper Myself," I included massage as one of my distressing vices. Some of my colleagues and I decided to call for a time out and hit the spa. We then proceeded to Island Cove Island Spa located in Cavite.
This was the first area that captured my attention. The gym of Island Cove.
I am not fond of gym but its ambiance is really entertaining.
Here is Island Spa's bulletin board with its running promos during the Holy Week
Up close with the promos
Entrance to the Main Spa
The polite staffs of Island Cove Island Spa
The receiving area of the Island Spa. If you will notice, there is a balloon on the
right as well as on the left area of the sofa set. It is because Island Spa celebrated
its 10th year anniversary last March.
To add up to the cozy and relaxing ambiance is the lanai area.
The main entrance to the massage, spa, and facial rooms.
Island Spa provides its costumers with a safe locker. On the right is the photo of the
entrance to the sauna room.
A couch is provided while waiting.
Foot Spa area. I just love their chair. You may even sleep while having a foot scrub/massage/spa.
Proven and tested. 

Just before I had my foot spa.

After I had my foot scrub and prior I had my foot spa, I underwent diamond peel.
It was really rejuvenating and refreshing.

05 April 2013

What Type of Mother Are You?

I just took a test online on determining what type of mother style do I possess and here is the result:

Try it mommies! Here is the site: www.motherstyles.com/quiz. I really do agree with my result. :) 

04 April 2013

AMO First EB for 2013

To keep our mommy groups' close ties, we meet every now and then. For the year 2013, we had our first meet up at Banapple, Katipunan Branch last 17 March. We had our first baby shower, baby welcoming, despedida of mommy K of Adventures of Planet Mom and come back party of mommy Chai.
Thank you Mommy Desiree and Mommy Mona for organizing our first EB. We really do appreciate the handmade decorations.
It was mixed emotions for the group since aside from it was our first meet up, it was also the last day we meet with mommy K (their family decide to settle in the province).
Mommy Mona of Pumpkeen taught us how to make a Diaper Cake. This was very
timely since I will be organizing a baby shower party in our office for the month of April.
The gifts Army received during the meet-up: Diaper Cake, Mustela Baby Lotion,
Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack, hard sole shoes and a girly book purse. We were also given
gifts by the Salon Empress mommy Mary Pauline Danga-Obias.
Photo courtesy of Moomy Musings.
Currently, from a group of 70 mommies, we are still growing. Should you want to join (you should be infanticipating or has kiads ages 0-4 and Philippine resident), here is the details:

Admins: Mommy Glaiza (Moomy Musings); mommy Liv (tinkerputt's turf) and me (Soldier Mom's Corner)
FB Account: www.facebook.com/themommyavenue
Twitter Account: (in the process)
Email: info@themommyavenue.com
Photo Courtesy of Moomy Musings
Be part of our growing family! (Take note that this is a non-profit organization)

Distant Breastfeeding? Yes I Can!

I am roughly 202 kilometers away from my kids. I have to travel about 4-5 hours before I get home. I just don't have the endurance and passion for driving (aside from I don't own a car) so I just usually load a bus and sleep all throughout the travel. But I do not get tired...because just that thought that after that long journey, those tiny little cute arms of my little Echo and Alfa will wrap around me gives me adrenaline rush.

That feeling doubles up when I see my fridge full with my expressed milk...What? Me, breastfeeding? Yes SMC readers and I tag it as "Distant Breastfeeding," for others, Exclusively Pumping.  I as a baby was breastfed for almost a year (according to my mother). Unfortunately for several reasons, I breastfed Echo only for three months. Now that Army is already here, I want her to enjoy what her older brother should also have enjoyed...and that is the opportunity to breastfeed for a longer period of time.
My Precious Milk Stash....
The Breastfeeding Support meeting conducted by La Leche League last March 9 was my main driving point. If earlier I knew that I can still produce milk through using a good pump, I should have done the same with Echo. Also, with the help and encouragement of my mommy group The Mommy Avenue (formerly Avenue for Mommies Online),  my dream of having a longer breastfeeding period with Alfa gradually becomes a reality.

How do I do this? Here's how:
1. Have the fortitude to breastfeed.
     If you think you can, then you will have milk. It's always in the mind.
2. Have a support system, may that be your husband, parents, caregiver, etc.
   For me, my husband, my parents and my mommy group are my support system. Maybe without them, I'll prefer getting a can of formula milk than to make an effort expressing mine.
3. Invest on a good breast pump.

    Salon Empress Atty Mary Pauline Danga-Obias who happens to be my friend and Echo's godmother was generous enough to lend her single electric breast pump. In my perception, an electric breast pump is more applicable for a working mommy like me.

03 April 2013

Soldier Mom Attends La Leche League Breastfeeding Support

I just got back in Manila last March 7 and eventually did go back to work the following day. I was really feeling sad since I made a vow to nurse my youngest for a minimum of one year or until she herself tell me she doesn't want to latch anymore. Why? Because I think, it was one of my frustrations with Echo, breastfeeding him only for about three months. 

I just felt so lucky because last March 9, La Leche League International-Philippines conducted a Breastfeeding Support Meeting, very timely. 

Official Banner of La Leche League meeting with the Topic "Breastfeeding Support" last March 9, 2013.
It was my first time to attend a meeting initiated by La Leche League International but from the very moment I got pregnant with Echo, I did look for organizations catering support to breastfeeding mommies and infanticipating mommies who prefer to breastfeed their babies. I came at the venue (Mothercare Bonifacio High Street Branch, just beside the Active Fun) at about 1:00 P.M.

Miss Abigail L Vernida-Yabot - a certified Lactation Counselor,
La Leche League Leader and founder of the Breastfeeding Club.
The meeting started by introducing one's self. Miss Abbie became the moderator wherein all attendees were ask of some basic questions like were you breastfed when you were a child; how many kids do each participant has; do each pregnant mother present intend to go to work after giving birth; who compose our support system in breastfeeding; etc. Basically, one of the most critical in breastfeeding especially for a working mom is the work environment.
In the picture is a mommy with a 10 months old baby who intends to go back to
work next school year (she is a pre-school teacher). What she did? She talked with the
school principal and ask for leeway hours to pump while she is in school.
Likewise, another topic discussed was in connection with some caregivers who don't want to feed baby with mommy's expressed milk due to its peculiar scent. Admittedly, breastmilk do not really smell good. But still, it is the best for our babies. Maybe using a hospital mask would help. :)

01 April 2013

Philips Avent Product Review

Philips Avent (Philippines) has played a big part on mommy, daddy and baby's lives for the past years. A lot of quality products have been catered by it. Moreover, Philips Avent's best seller is there BPA free feeding bottles, tumblers, teats, teeters, baby utensils etc. I myself am a  big fan of their products.
This is a not-so-updated collection of my kids' Philips Avent products. As of now, Echo owns about 10 9oz combination of honey tint (Polyethersulphone (PES)), clear (Polycarbonate (PC)) and  milky color(Polypropelene) while my little girl has about 6 4oz of the same types.
Admittedly, their feeding bottles or their products for that matter are somewhat pricey. But I can attest to the durability of the product. Actually, the 4oz bottles that my two months old (turning three this April 5) is using are all hand me down bottle from his older brother, Echo. You only need to change the teats. To save up, you may check if the teats' color is still clear, you may still use it.

It's April Fool's Day!!!

Have you prepared your pranks for the day? I already posted mine! Ahaha. Happy April Fool's Day everyone!