The Soldier Mom

Hi there! I am Olivia, Vee for short. I am a Naval Officer and a blogger in one. I've got two kids namely Echo and Army and I am happily married with my knight in my shining armor, Glen who also serves in the military as an Army Officer. I started blogging last November 2011, 4 months after I gave birth with my firstborn E. I first did find blogging as my source of balance and as my haven. 

I only write things, events etc in connection with family, baby, motherhood, and military related stuffs which I had a first-hand experience. 

The blog title "Soldier Mom's Corner" was the very first title that entered my mind upon creating this blog page. I specifically made this blog to reach out to all military families while sharing my experiences as a wife, mother and officer to the civilian populace. Enjoy reading and may God Bless the Armed Forces of the Philippines.