26 April 2014

My Recipe: Pinakbet ILOKANO

As our folks always say, you are not a certified Ilocano if you do not know how to cook our famous delicacy: Pinakbet or Pakbet. So here is my share, which I cooked last Good Friday.


15 pieces native eggplant 
15 pieces okra
a cup of winged bean (sigarilyas)
3 medium sized ripe tomatoes (cut into 4)
5-8 pieces native bitter melon (native bitter melon are round in shape) (cut into two)
3 native onions (cut into two)
3-4 finger chilis (siling mahaba)
half a bowl of fermented fish (bagoong isda: preferably Lingayen fermented fish)


1. Place all the vegetable ingredients in the cooking pan.
2. Mix about a cup of water with the half bowl of bagoong isda then pour it in (except for the fish itself) the cooking pan with all the ingredients. Do this twice with the same set of bagoong isda used. The first mixture is more concentrated than the second one. The second mixture will prevent the vegetable and the recipe itself to become too much salty.
3. Light up the stove then let it simmer for about 20-30 minutes. You may add up grilled fish on top of the vegetables once it is half-cooked already then it is ready to serve.

The catch in Pinakbet Ilocano is that you just place all the ingredients and let it cooked by itself. Maybe you will see some sautéing the vegetable first but in a typical and native Ilocano way, we just do the above-mentioned procedure, which is actually more healthy since no cooking oil is needed.

This recipe I made is good for 3-4 persons. It also costs roughly Php 50-60 only.