26 July 2013

Chef Laudico's GUEVARRA'S Launching {Press Release}

The Owner

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The owner of the newly launched Chef Laudico's GUEVARRA'S is the renowned Chef Roland Laudico and Chef Jacqueline Laudico y Juarez. As a brief background, Chef Roland Laudico graduated from Culinary Institute of America, where he finished as a Dean's Lister. Prior achieving his accolades and fame, he was able to gain his experience as a chef in various restaurants in New York, France and Sydney, where he delighted clients with his ability to prepare world-class cuisine in the comfort of their homes. Now, Chef Laudico together with his wife continues with their legacy through establishing their own restaurants and sharing what they have learned to us, their kababayans.

The couple's company: Chef Laudico Group was then established in November 2000. From then on, through positive word of mouth the company has grown into a professionally run catering operation, capable of handling weddings and major corporate and social events. 

If you're looking for a place that captures that feeling of affluence and old-world charm – look no further than GUEVARRA'S in San Juan. Located on P. Guevarra street, the converted 1940's home used to house a spa in the basement but the whole space is now taken up by Chef Laudico's newest venture into haute Filipino cuisine – buffet style. 

GUEVARRA'S is a typical 1940's Filipino home – we can see evidence of both Chinese and Spanish influence in its architecture and interior design. The current owners decided to whitewash the walls to bring out the beauty of the details that were left bare – from the symmetrical wood paneling to the prominent wooden arch decorated with sinuous, riotous vines. The huge and literally “picture” windows feature images of former senator, Pedro Guevarra, the restaurant's namesake. I hear that it's kind of creepy at night with the light shining from within, but it was fun to spot little details in the images that hold true up to this day. 

The newly launched Chef Laudico's GUEVARRA'S is located at 387 P. Guevarra St. cor. Argonne St., Addition Hills1500 San Juan, Philippines.
As I have mentioned above, Chef Laudico has been known with his ability to prepare world-class cuisine in the comfort of our own homes. The newly launched Chef Laudico's GUEVARRA'S is a reflection and extension of this. Chef Laudico's GUEVARRA'S was newly renovated to become a house restaurant and events place where guests can celebrate their milestones and hold important meetings at the quaint function rooms. It also offers an outdoor setting suitable for having a nice cocktail in a serene ambiance. And to compliment the perfect setting, GUEVARRA'S offers no other than the creative masterpieces of the chef couple: Chef Roland and Chef Jacqueline Laudico.

GUEVARRA'S Love Affair with Filipino Artistry: An Exhibit Featuring the work of Vincent Padilla 

From food, to architecture, to fine art – GUEVARRA'S does its part in preserving and promoting Filipino culture and history by paying homage to Filipino genius through culinary artistry and visual arts.

If you're looking for a place to indulge your love of all things Filipino – from food to architecture to fine art – look no further than the upcoming month-long exhibit of artist Vincent Padilla's work at Guevarra's restaurant in San Juan. The exhibit's launch coincides with the grand opening of GEUVARRA'S last 16th of July 2013. 

The Artist
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Vincent Padilla has his roots in San Juan – he was born there on September 27, 1976. However, his talent and artistic voice was truly honed during his family's time in Antipolo where he met and spent time with artists from the acclaimed Grupong Saling Pusa such as Elmer Borlongan, Mark Justiniani and Manny Garibay. During his elementary years, he also chose to involve himself in summer art classes instead of taking the summer off like the rest of his peers. His dedication to creating art and fostering his creativity paid off when he was accepted into the BFA program at the University of the Philippines Diliman – a time he enjoyed so much that he's also currently pursuing his Masters in Fine Arts there, too. 

He has joined numerous art competitions and won acclaim as the Juror's Choice Awardee in 2003 during the Philip Morris Philippine Art Awards, which led him to represent our country in the 2004 Art Awards which were held in Bangkok, Thailand that year. If you're wondering where you would have seen the artist's work before – he has also been featured in exhibits in places such as New York, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as numerous other places. 


In order for us to have a bird's eye view, hereunder are the lists of buffets being offered by GUEVARRA'S:

Lunch Buffet

Dinner Buffet

Weekend and Holiday Buffet

For inquiries and reservations, dial 705 1811, 705 1874 or 0917 311 2222. GUEVARRA'S is located at 387 P. Guevarra St. cor. Argonne St., Addition Hills, San Juan and you may also send them private message through electronic mail cheflaudicoguevarra@gmail.com  and through their Facebook Fan page, Facebook.com/ChefLaudicoGuevarras.

*Official Press Release