23 April 2014

Giving Birth With Needles: Tribute to Mothers Who Gave Birth via Caesarian Section

I dedicate this post for the women who have undergone extra pain in giving birth and going under the needles in order to ensure their child's safety.

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Every woman's dream is to bear and have a child. But sometimes, we are so overwhelmed with the fact of the giving birth process itself. July 2011, my friend Moomy Musings and I became walking mates at the AFP Medical Center, preparing for the day we both will give birth to now brat mates Echo and Noa. Compared to Mommy G, I will assess that I was really more patient in walking (our friend and attending OB Cpt Adesita Binalay-Sagario ordered us maximize walking for us not to have a difficulty in giving birth). Mommy G gave birth via normal delivery last July 4, 2011. Four days after, I also gave birth...guess what...via CAESARIAN SECTION. 

Eight months later, I got pregnant with my little girl Alfa/Army and gave birth last January 2013...again via CAESARIAN SECTION. 

On The First

If i were to choose, I would prefer giving birth via normal delivery. But in Echo's case whose from cephalic became footling breech on the 38th week, this is quite impossible. Besides, I guess the procedure is secondary only to the safety of your child, don't you agree?

When Cpt Sagario conducted IE in the morning of July 8, 2011, she felt something different saying: Sis, we will have an ultrasound ok? I just have to check on something." And so I followed. Her team then saw that my little acrobat inside my tummy then turned around and from cephalic position, he became footling breech. They then decided to conduct C-section in the afternoon. 

At exactly 1930H (7 P.M.) that night, I heard Echo's first cry. 

Though the after operation was painful that I even caught fever, it was all worth it knowing that Echo was delivered safely.

The Girl

Maybe you will ask, second baby? Why so soon knowing that as OB suggests, a two to three year gap  is the best time to have a second child especially when the mother have undergone C-section. Well, a baby is a blessing whether it is by surprise. 

Unlike with Echo, my pregnancy with Army came more smooth-sailing. I was a happy feet going here and there. Come last quarter while our family was having a vacation in Davao, the dilemma came: Placenta Previa. (For further information you may review my post entitled "Placenta Previa: Alfa/Army's Early Arrival").

Endpoint: Pre-mature delivery via C-Section at the Pangasinan Medical Center.

Whatever type of child-giving birth delivery you will undergo, only one thing is common: the pain is immaterial for as long as your child and your health as a mother is ensured.

Likewise, be sure to always have a good professional relationship with your doctor. Always be informed. Have a happy pregnancy and childbirth experience mommies...