27 June 2012

Give-Away Contest Sneak Preview

     Mommies, daddies, have you been following my posts?
     Guess, who will be my partner for my very first blog give-away contest!

     Wait and Watch out!!!! Have a nice day!!!

19 June 2012

Give-Away Hint

     As my son Echo turns one...
     I would like to give a blessing/gift to everyone....
     (Excited for my very first give-away contest.....Wait and see ^_^)

Take a Break at Enchanted Kindom

     "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." In the military, we work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Admittedly, in my experience, I tend to be engrossed with what I do and sometimes neglect my social life
     Since the month of May marks the end of summer, our office decided to have a break and unwind. Most often than not, when we hear of summer outing, beaches and pools are what automatically enters our minds. Well, we wanted to be different. We wanted actually to feel young again so we opted to have a visit at Enchanted Kingdom. 
Vehicle Inspection Area
     We decided to proceed to our precious destination after lunch, which was about 1:30 in the afternoon. It just took us about 30-40 minutes and voila! Here we are EK!
My 4+1 EK Ticket
     Since we are technically government employees, we were able to avail Enchanted Kingdom's (EK) promo: the 4+1 group package. With this, we were able to purchase our Sunday ticket at Php400.00 each (Php2000.00 per package).
     This was really a good deal. Using my government identification card, I was able to purchase two packages (in a day, we are allowed to purchase up to two packages). We were about 12 in the group so I got two 4+1 package and two regular Sunday pass. And take note, it is a ride-all-you-can ticket already.
     Looking back on my highschool days, when it was my first time visiting EK, I wasn't able to ride everything because of the number of people piling up for the various rides. As I remember it right, I was able to ride the carousel, the caterpillar and the  Wheel of Fate. Well, I was also able to experience Rialto and Bump Car.
     Well, same as before, I still wasn't able to ride everything for one major reason: LONG LINE! Nevertheless, I still maximized my stay at EK. Here are some of the photos taken during our Office Outing:
Getting our EK Tickets
Paying for the tickets. (just for the record, any organization may be able to EXCLUSIVELY rent the park)
My super cool mistah Conrad (right most) with his wife Czar (right beside him) and his brother-in-law and mother-in-law
My not so solo picture with the wizard ;)
My girls ^_^
My favorite (From the left: Mommy Mindz our civilian supervisor, Gladys, She, Val, Jess, Conrad and Me)

Meanwhile, here are some of the photos taken when we were already in action (rides mode..feeling young).

The picture at the left side was a scene taken while we were waiting for our turn to take a ride. It was our first ride actually and I even forgot its name.

Val (at my right) and I preparing 
From the Left: Val, Me and Gladys (who is not yet prepared)
Super smiles before reaching the peak of the tower
As we slowly went up.... @_@
Reaching the peak... (too bad we weren't able to get a video of how fast we fell down..)

At the Jungle post ^_^
Me, Gladys and Kuya Mac waiting for our turn at the Jungle Log Jam 
This was after the first splash... (Note: if you would like to ride on this, you must prepare extra clothes)
This was in preparation for our second splash..preparing to get wet!!! This actually brought goose bumps and almost cut my throat after my cymbals-like scream....
Hold Tight!!!!! AAAAhhhhh!!!!!!

15 June 2012

A Follow-Up Review on Air Asia and Dragon Pay Services

     In all fairness, Dragon Pay did refund the money and deposited it to my friend's account. As for Air Asia, as if nothing happened. I guess this will serve as a warning to customers. Some companies are just "profit-oriented." On the other hand, since Air Asia is just on its beginning stage, it may still need some rectifications. Nevertheless, the management must check on the attitude of their personnel, taking not of quality versus quantity.

14 June 2012


    Yesterday, 13 June 2012, I tried how AIR ASIA and DRAGON PAY works. For a not so technologically inclined-creature like me, well, I think the start of the transaction was a bit fine. 
     Until here comes the payment. In the payment option, there were three icons available (that was when I had no mishaps experienced yet): Credit Card/Debit Card; E-Voucher; and, Direct Debit. And so I clicked Direct Debit and eventually clicked "Dragon Pay" after since its the third party account that accepts payment. Air Asia's website flashed on the other hand that I must be able to pay the ticket within 30 minutes, which I also did thru the help of a friend who has an online account with Banco De Oro (BDO).
     The result? A big HASSLE. How?
     --First, My friend and I paid the amount of Php 4,160.00 thru DRAGON PAY on time to be able to confirm my booking with Air Asia, which unfortunately resulted to NONE CONFIRMATION/VALIDATION.
   --Second, the above incident eventually caused HASSLE and WITHDRAWAL OF MONEY WITHOUT ANY PRODUCTIVE RESULT.
     --Third, the CALL CENTER AGENT OF AIR ASIA (ENGLISH VERSION) has the worst grammar ever! Try it for yourself. With DRAGON PAY, well, in fairness, since it is their offense, it is just proper that they have a longer patience listening to my sermon.
     Dragon Pay informed me that they will refund the money by Friday, 15 June 2012....Well, let's see if they really will.

06 June 2012

The Tale of a Mommy Circle

     If I remember it right, last 2010, the Philips Avent Philippines , introduced a Discussion Board (DB), which catered all mothers, may you be a first-time mom, not so new mommy or even an expecting mom. It is where all mothers from all walks of life met virtually. This cyber meeting place did not only foster a support group for the mommies nor promote Philips Avent products but this discussion board made newbie mothers like me learn a lot from other experienced mothers and even meet new friends. In my case, the DB also made me feel at home since I was away from my family during the whole time that I was pregnant.

     But as they say, there is nothing permanent in this world but change especially when it comes to technology.  As Facebook continues to "enhance" its features, the Philips Avent Philippines Discussion Board was scrapped out and was eventually put to history. Prior this, a very close friend Mommy Glaiza Tominio (who actually introduced me to the DB) formulated a bright idea and that is to form a group composed of mommies whom we have been "talking" with at the discussion board. 

AMO Official Seal
     This is the birth of the "AVENT MARIAS" which was eventually renamed to OFFICIAL AVENT MARIAS or AMO. From then on, the mommies who shared their respective knowledges, ideas, queries, fears and other concerns in the DB found a new home. But since there are some mommies who also want to share their concerns but were not able to join the DB, we then opened the doors of AMO for other mommies. As of now, the family continues to grow as the mommies and their kids also build a stronger bond. For me, AMO keeps me sane as it gives balance to busy work.

AMO Summer EB Official Invitation
   AMO conducted their first meet-up or eye-ball (EB) as we fondly call it with various activities and games initiated. Too bad I wasn't able to join the first EB. Well, since I am already in the Metro, attending  AMO EBs is listed as one of my top priorities. Just last May 6, 2012, the AMO once again organized a meet-up, a summer outing in particular. Thanks to my very good friend and AMO co-member, Mommy Mary Pauline Danga Obias that she was generous enough to let the AMO family invade her private space at the Tivoli Gardens Residences Mandaluyong. 

photo c/o Mommy Edna, AMO member
      More or less, thirty people arrived and about 20 babies were also present. We had our swimming spree first. I think it took us about two hours in the pool (we literally maximized our stay at Tivoli Gardens).

      At about six in the evening, we then proceeded at the pent house where we had our sumptuous dinner. The dinner served was really rejuvenating. 

     Lessons learned on the other hand, when attending AMO EB, you must bring your baby/kid or you will be the admin, finance and auditing officer assigned for the event! That is based from personal experience. LOL. Nevertheless, it was really fun and I really did enjoy the swimming party of my mommy circle. Though we just met on cyberspace, this is a living proof that net and facebooking can produce fruitful contribution depending on the person utilizing the various networking sites available. I am really looking forward to our next EB. Meanwhile, hereunder are some of the photos I took during the EB. 
Baby Nastja, our half Russian and half Filipino angel

Baby Nastja with her pretty Mommy Edel
Mommy Edel and Nastja and our host, Mommy Mary Pauline and Baby Ruthie
Sexy Mommy Liv with her son Baby Jabe and her sister Jalysa
Mommy Edna and his good looking son Vince
Mommy Pau and Baby Ruthie
Arroco Family: Mommy Lolly, Baby L.A. and Daddy Ariel
Mommy Lau and Baby Nadine
Tivoli Gardens Pool Area
Tivoli Gardens Pent House Bar Counter