26 March 2014

A Surprise Lunch at CHOICE BUFFET

"A great person attract great people and knows how to hold them together." 
(Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)


It's an ordinary day when I arrived at my office last 25 March 2014. I sat on my table and began finishing the pile of work which I do not want to be stocked up once I leave for a new schooling..for a new assignment. Precipitously, my admin assistant Jam asked me about different buffet restaurants which I can recommend for her mother-in-law's birthday. So I gave her a list of my recommended buffet restaurants. At the end of the discussion, we both agreed to have the said supposed celebration at Choice Buffet at Macapagal Avenue.

At about 1100H same day, my boss texted me asking my whereabouts (I was roaming around the headquarters letting my clearance paper be signed by concerned offices). So I came back at the office. He asked me out for lunch together with his close mistah, who is actually our unit mate as well... So ok since its almost lunchtime I said yes. 

Apparently, we were the first customers who arrived while the restaurant was not even fully prepared yet. Then suddenly the staff at the counter asked "Ma'am, kayo po ba si Jaime, young nagpareserved for 13 people?" I was quite astound and later on realised, yeah, it was the same resturant Jam and I were talking a while ago and now there is a sudden reservation? Weird. But after a few minutes, I realized that it was a surprise lunch intended for me...

A few minutes later, everyone in the office arrived. A short talk was delivered by my boss while everyone was gladly smiling back at me..it was really hard to hold back my tears but I was known at my office as taut and stringent when it comes to work so pinanindigan ko na. Afterwards, I did also give my message. It was really overwhelming I could cry... So here are some of the photos I took during the farewell lunch..

Upon entering. Here is Micah, one of my admin assistants.
The counter and the buffet area proper.
We were the first one at the main buffet counter. We still beat the record! Eating machine mode...
This was the card given to me by my officemates...All of them wrote and wished me well...I will surely miss them...
Once again, to my bosses and my researcher/analysts, thank you very much for all the memories, for being supportive and being patient with me. I am now bidding farewell to my comfort zone but all o you will always stay in my heart...arrividerci...


Choice Buffet is located at Macapagal Avenue. It mainly caters Korean dishes. It is quite the same with Yaki Mix but with a little twist since it also offers shabu-shabu. Their current buffet rate is Php 499.00 during lunch and Php 550.00 for weekdays and Php 600.00 for weekends.

Food: 8.0
Location: 8.0
Cleanliness: 8.0

19 March 2014

An Apology

It has been months since I haven't posted anything from this blog...since I hosted my last give away...since I signified to write a review for a brand of vitamins for babies. 

With that, I would like to sincerely apologize first to my mommy friends from AMO for being an absconder for months; second, to my readers for being absent for quite a while (which actually felt like years for me); third, to Miss Mariz Lee-Ong of Babypalooza Bazaar for not following up my last give-away hosting; third to Ceelin Plus specifically to Unilab Philippines for not being able to release a review of the product last year; fourth, to myself, for becoming stagnant and unproductive. 

Photo Source
In as much as I would like to elucidate what happened behind my absence, I just can't. And again, I am sorry... But for those months I wasn't blogging were the months that I felt like a total bum and more stressed. Gradually I shall be posting again...as soon as I move to a new "home". 

I simply missed everyone.