20 August 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: SWISH Mouthwash and Breath Spray

Being in the military, mouthwash and breath spray has been part and parcel of my husband and I's toiletry set. When worst comes to worst like Field Training Exercises (FTX), emergency conferences and other surprise meetings, mouthwash and breath sprays are treated as quick fix to that after lunch or merienda smell.

However, using mouthwash and breath spray is also like having a relationship: you find what brand is meant for you. Finding a brand not suitable for you is like having that love-hate relationship. I believe that some have the same horror story like mine: tongue/mouth burn that led to none working taste buds for almost 3 days! That was awful!

Now, I am having, loving and embracing a new product brought to you by UNILAB!

UNILAB advocates its alcohol-free mouthwash and breath spray SWISH!
For their mouthwash, among the flavours include mangosteen mint (which is actually my favorite), peppermint fresh and arctic chill.
Aside from mouthwash, peppermint fresh
flavoured breath spray is also available!
Of course, its alcohol-free and sugar-free!
So what are the benefits of using SWISH from other brands? Well it promotes a person's wellness and hygienic through the following:
1. It gives fresh breath at an instant without that burning sensation.
2. It effectively cleans mouth and gums. (Admit it. Sometimes toothbrush is not enough).
3. It is proven safe since it is alcohol and sugar free.

So what are you waiting for? LET'S SWITCH TO SWISH!!!