22 April 2013

Office Dinner at DADS Glorietta 3 (Restaurant Review)

I think aside from sleeping, I'm also good at eating. I mean no! Good is an insult. I am what some of my friends call me "eating machine." I really do love looking for buffet (eat-all-you-can) restaurants where I could eat my heart out. What makes it more appetizing is when you attend such together with your family, colleagues or friends. Just like last 13 March, my office mates and I went to Dads, Saisaki, Kamayan at Glorietta 3. Needless to say what kind of pig-out we did, here is the consolidated photo taken during that night (we went for dinner by the way).

And here is my grading of the said branch:

Food: 8/10.
Venue: 9/10
Crew: 9/10
Overall rating: 8.7