19 March 2014

An Apology

It has been months since I haven't posted anything from this blog...since I hosted my last give away...since I signified to write a review for a brand of vitamins for babies. 

With that, I would like to sincerely apologize first to my mommy friends from AMO for being an absconder for months; second, to my readers for being absent for quite a while (which actually felt like years for me); third, to Miss Mariz Lee-Ong of Babypalooza Bazaar for not following up my last give-away hosting; third to Ceelin Plus specifically to Unilab Philippines for not being able to release a review of the product last year; fourth, to myself, for becoming stagnant and unproductive. 

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In as much as I would like to elucidate what happened behind my absence, I just can't. And again, I am sorry... But for those months I wasn't blogging were the months that I felt like a total bum and more stressed. Gradually I shall be posting again...as soon as I move to a new "home". 

I simply missed everyone.