22 March 2013

Placenta Previa: Alfa/Army's Early Arrival

     A usual pregnancy last for about 40 weeks, though at 37 weeks, our placenta becomes mature and is ready for child birth until the 42nd week in allowance. During those 40 weeks or so, some infanticipating women luckily experience a normal pregnancy while a portion of this population encounters some complications.
     My second pregnancy was normal from my first semester up to the last trimester. I was even able to fly to Davao last New Year's break. How? Of course I was given a medical certificate by my OB-Gyne.
     Last September 2012, I also had my congenital anomaly scan. Everything about my little girl was normal. On the other hand, it was found out that I had a low lying placenta. Nevertheless, last December, my doctor informed me that my baby's condition to include me is perfect. Like I said, I was eventually given a medical certificate stating that I was allowed to travel by plane and that my condition was fine.
Photo courtesy of  www.webmd.com
     It was a smooth sailing pregnancy all along that is why last January 1, 2013, Tatay GM (my husband) and I did not expect that a bleeding would occur. I was rushed to Tagum Doctor's Hospital in Tagum City. I was diagnosed to have a placenta previa. Accordingly, it is a problem of pregnancy wherein the placenta grows in the lowest part of the uterus or thw owmb and covers a part if not all of the opening to the cervix. Moreover, my OB-Gyne was able to discuss the four types of placenta previa according to severity which include: low lying (my first findings), marginalis (my condition when I was rushed to Tagum Doctors Hospital), partial and totalis (my condition the day I gave birth). To avoid complications, I had a dose of steroids to aid my baby's developing lungs.
     My attending doctor gave me a permission to be discharged from the hospital last January 2. We then pushed thru with our flight at about 2000H on the same day. We eventually arrived in Pangasinan the next day, January 3. On that morning I did bleed again and was once again rushed to my OB-Gyne's clinic. My doctor decided to keep me under observation. My bleeding continued until the next day. Finally, my doctor informed me that there is no better way to keep me and my child away from harm other than emergency CS. So last January 5, 2013 at about 7 in the evening, Mara Viktoria (Alfa or Army for short) was born.
     For further information on placenta previa, you may check on these sites:
Thank God, Army and I are okay now. And thank God for another gift of life. How about you mommies? What did you experience during your pregnancy?