06 May 2013

Must Buy: Chicco Sterilizer (Product Review)

Since I got pregnant with my first born Echo, one of the trusted brands I follow and patronize is Chicco Philippines. Army came along and nothing was changed. Just last month, I did buy stuff for Army and Echo: belt for Kuya and dress for little girl. I also did buy something for myself. What? For myself? Yes! I did buy this:

 Thank you very much to my dear friend Mommy Glaiza of Moomy Musings for introducing me this product thru her blog "A Great Mommy Tip: Cold Water Sterilization".

As I have said in my previous posts, I have been a fan of Chicco Electric Steam Sterilizer since the day my little Echo was born. I do not endorse formula milk feeding but then again, for circumstances like having a 24/7 duty like mine and had a problem with breastmilk supply then, formula feeding was the only answer to nourish my firstborn. So what are the tools needed? Of course that would include BPA free feeding bottle, organic feeding bottles and utensil cleanser (for cleaning up), BPA free feeding bottle cleaning brush and a sterilizer...Chicco Sterilizing Solution that is.

As to the steps, refer to Moomy Musings' blog post "A Great Mommy Tip: Cold Water Sterilization". I will talk more on the advantages of using the product and its disadvantages (if there is).

 So what are the benefits in using the product?
Energy Saver. For a soldier mom and an army wife like me, we sometimes do get assigned to some places where electricity is gold.
- Time saver. As I do my tasks in the office, Chicco's Cold Water Sterilization process do the same. No time wasted. 
- Effort saver - I am always in a rush. Just one dose of the solution in a liter of water, my work is done.
- Travel Buddy - Though I am 4-5 hours away from my kids, I still do pump and store my breastmilk stash. I can't afford to buy a new electric sterilizer and bring it from time to time during travel. This is my perfect sterilizing travel buddy.
- Be Fear Free - You won't fear on having your breastpump/feeding bottle accessories melt.

Now what are the disadvantages? Hmmmmm... None so far. I've been using it for two months now and it really effective. So mommies, do you work away from your babies; a traveler perhaps? Try Chicco's Cold Water Sterilization Solution and try its efficiency. Have a happy sterilization!!!!