09 May 2013

Fisher-Price Joy of Learning Campaign Launches Mom Ambassador Audrey Tan-Zubiri (Press Release)

Just last 26 April 2013, Fisher-Price who has been aiding childhood development through play for about 80 years now launched its newest campaign, "Joy of Learning" with Miss Audrey Tan-Zubiri as their newest Mom Ambassador at Sapphire B Function Room, Crowne Plaza Hotel.
An expert in the science of play, Fisher-Price believes that part of good parenting is choosing the right toys for kids.  And with the right toys, the full potential in every child is realized. 

Fisher-Price is committed to giving children the avenue to develop their motor and cognitive skills, language and social skills, strength and creativity thereby providing them their first shot at winning in life. With this commitment, Fisher-Price introduces their latest campaign, The Joy of Learning, where parents and children discover together the power of play.

With The Joy of Learning, Fisher-Price helps in a joyful manner – from innovative solutions that make parents’ lives easier to toys that help kids learn and grow through play.  As they experience the new found joys of parenting, Fisher-Price is with them on this journey to provide what they need every step of the way as the little bundles of joy grow up.  And learning together with their kids is the most amazing moments to share!

With eager anticipation, Fisher-Price opens the box of new learning tools this April with the unveiling of the Fisher-Price Mom Ambassador.  Fisher-Price welcomes Mom Ambassador Audrey Tan-Zubiri, wife and mother.  Audrey is a hands-on, full-time mom to Maria Adriana and Juan Miguel.  She finds joy in the smallest things, from playing with her kids to seeing their faces light up when they discover something new.  These are the shared moments that she looks forward to everyday.

Audrey glows as she talks about motherhood.  “I’m really enjoying my role as a mom and my advice to fellow moms out there is to just embrace everything with passion, fun, and excitement. Make the most out of every moment with their kids and discover the world with them.”

She’s the natural choice as the voice of Fisher-Price because of how she values family time and playtime.  “I’ve always believed that learning shouldn’t be imposed on kids hence, allowing them to discover the world on their own and letting them experience the joy of learning. I think Fisher-Price products help the kids hone their skills this way.  I’m so thrilled to be part of the learning process of my children where every playtime is a chance to learn something new.”

As Mom Ambassador of the Fisher-Price campaign, The Joy Of Learning, Audrey is excited to connect with other moms and share the joys of playtime and to discover more fun ways to learn through play, “I’m looking forward to have so much fun learning with kids. Discovering new things with them and inspiring them.”

Photo Courtesy of Moomy Musings
This advocacy of Richwell Club specifically Fisher-Price will be followed by a Parenting Workshop Series to be conducted on June 2013 with their special guest and speaker, another event to look forward to for a mother like me.

I would like to acknowledge Miss Julie Castro, Brand Manager of Richwell Club for inviting me to this exclusive event and for continuously trusting me and supporting my blog as well. 

Photo Courtesy of Moomy Musings
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