21 May 2013

An Open Letter for my Mother {Post Mothers Day Give-Away Contest}

"A Mothers Love is like a rose. Each passing day, it grows and grows."


For 18 years, I have been dependent on you until I entered cadetship. I do appreciate all the things you did and are still doing for me mama . I knew how critical it was for your health to conceive but still, you chose to keep me and be tied in that bed for those long months of pregnancy. Boredom may have visited you often but you sacrificed almost all of your life just to give birth to me safely. 

As a child I saw your strength and weaknesses as a mother at the same time. You were always there when I needed a private nurse; a tutor (though you were really strict); a cook (thanks for the recipes I inherited from you); a best friend (the very best friend that will always be there no matter what life throws against me); and being my greatest confidante who never judges but understands the situation then give advice instead.

I also saw you cry for me (though you never knew). I saw you hurting as I got my first heartbreak. I saw you having butterflies in your stomach as I share you my wonderful experiences. You were my alter-ego mama (have you noticed it?). 

When I graduated from the academy, our relationship dwindled a bit maybe because of the distance. I knew you longed for my voice and our long talks. But since I already have a taste of independence, I did learn to keep some of my problems to myself not because I do not to share it with you anymore but because, I know mama that it will not be forever that you will be there for me. Time will come that I will have my own family and that I have to fix my own problems on my own. You kept mum but at the end of the day, I learned how proud you are that I am now all grown up living the way you wanted me to be.

Mama, we are not rich but you and Papa raised me well that though I was your only begotten daughter, I learned that as a person that we just can't have it all and that if you want something, I have to work hard for it. That lesson I did use in the academy and that same lesson I am still adhering to now really helped me. I learned to soar high yet be contented of what the good Lord offers; to work passionately for the profession I have chosen; to be happy for the achievements of others; to not be eaten by the system as I go up to the ladder of success; and to be humble always. 

Now that I already have my own kids, you are still there to assist me. I am not a perfect daughter but you have been a perfect mother for me. Thank you for everything mama. Thank you for always being my guide. Thank you for all the love and understanding. I love you...Happy Mother's Day....


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