14 May 2013

Expo Mom 2013: #Momtuition

Attending Mommy and Baby events have been my passion since I got impregnated. I saw the importance of being educated and being in a community of supportive mommy friends and organizations. Just last April 6-7, 2013, I was able to attend the Mommy Mundo Expo Mom 2013 with the theme: "Expo Mom 2013: #Momtuition." 
Though I love attending bazaars, expo events and other mommy, baby and family related bazaara/events, I also see to it that I only buy stuffs that my FAMILY and I NEED. So here are the things I purchased during the Expo Mom 2013:

1. Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent for Babies (Php 270.00). Though Echo is 22 months now while Army is 4 months old, I still use detergent which I am 100 percent sure that will not harm their delicate skin. I often buy the powder.

2. Mommy Treats Cupcake Bites (Php 749.00). There are times that I do not like the smell of the malunggay capsule I am taking so I have to find some alternative. That is where my lactation cupcake bites and cookies comes in.
3. Kiddie Tunes Customized/Personalized CD/DVD (Php750.00).  I first bought a product from Kiddie Tunes last Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2011 wherein I was able to purchase a personalized CD of lullaby songs for Echo. This year, I bought a personalized CD for my little girl with Worship songs in it. Thank you to the lovely owner, mommy Cheryl Yap for the discount!

4. Fancy Ava Clips and Softband (Php 190.00). These were the very first clips and softband I bought for Army. It was really cute and yes, NOT PRICEY right? I love fashion at a minimal price. Wais na nanay that is!
Of course being a member of  Mommy Mundo equates to some exclusive perks when attending any of their events to include this Expo Mom 2013. So here is what I got last Expo Mom 2013:

Plus, since I did go to the event early, I was also given a free cupcake from  Sonja.

When I was pregnant, they say that I was so lucky in raffles, online contests, etc. But I think my lucky wasn't gone even after giving birth. Why? Because that day, I was able to win a 350ml Water Bobble. Thank you for the informative mini-interview with Mr Lynch, I got to answer their question right and was able to win a Bobble Mini.
 Congratulations to Mommy Mundo for another successful Expo Mom Event! Getting more excited each time I attend such!