24 April 2013

When Stupidity Strikes: MLhuillier (Services Review)

Just this morning (24 April 2013), I went to Alphaland Southgate Mall early to send money for my father (for Echo's milk and household expenses). I thought that it would minimize squandering my time if I get to send first prior going to PAG-IBIG Main Office at Makati to pay my monthly bill for our housing. I arrived at Mlhuilier Alphaland/Southgate Mall Branch at about 1000H. I filled up remittance form for about 2-3 minutes. 

Unfortunately, their system is allegedly down and cannot do business (remittance and claim) for that period, though I was reassured that their connection will resume not later than 1030H. So I waited. 1030H, no connection still so I decided to just proceed to PAG-IBIG Office at Makati. I went to the Billing Section and the whole process did not even take 30 minutes. In short, my travel time to and from PAG-IBIG was even longer than the payment process itself.

At about 1130H, I then went back to Mlhuilier Alphaland/Southgate Mall Branch. It was a good thing that the connection was already fixed. I need not fill out new form since I was able to keep the form i filled out earlier. I just rechecked it then submitted it to the counter.

What was the worst thing that happened? I knew and was pretty sure that I did write my name clearly in bold letters: OLIVIA ESPIRITU FERNANDEZ... The teller even asked for an ID which I gladly gave. How in the world that in the receipt, my name turned out to be: OLIVIA BELTRAN FERNANDEZ. Of course I questioned the details. So here's how the conversation between me and the INEFFICIENT teller went.

Me: Ano itong Beltran na ito?
Teller: Maam, iyong pong middle name niyo.
Me: Kelan pa naging Bletran middle name ko? Di ba sinulat ko naman ng maayos? Binigyan pa nga kita ID.
Teller: Maam, pakisabihan na lang po iyong magrereceive na Beltran po middle name niyo.
Me: My father will be the one picking it up, tingin mo hindi ako tatanungin ng tatay ko? Hindi ako ito!
Teller: Sige maam next time po.
Me: Next time po? It wasnt my first time to remit money in this branch! Binigyan na nga kita ID nagfill out ako form, di mo pa ginawa ng tama trabaho mo. Itatype mo na nga lang pangalan ko di ba?
Teller: (Silent)
Me: ID ko nasan na?
Teller: Alin po maam?
Me: See that! Mali na nga nilagay mong apelyido ko, di ka pa attentive sa client. What kind of service do you have? You need eyeglasses! (Walk-out).