30 May 2013

The Fisher Price "The Joy of Learning Workshop" {Events/Give Away Contest}


I was told by my mother just when my firstborn turned three months old that when I was a child, playing has been my way of escaping her and socializing with our neighbors. I was never blessed with a brother or a sister (I'm the only begotten daughter of my parents), that is why having a moment each day to play with my cousins was my comfort zone.

Now that I am already a mother, I do realize that playing is an essential part of kids' learning and development. Through the book "What to Expect the First Year", I knew that the simple peek-a-boos, clapping of hands, jumperoo baby exercises and singing of itsy bitsy spiders with my kids do enhance their socialization skills aside from exercising their motor skills. Of course, being a mother of two also educated me that "playtime" for Echo (22 months old) is different from my little girl Army (4 months old). Echo now loves ball games, dancing games, shape sorting, horseback riding and all arcade kiddie rides.

My son also loves playing with other kids of course. I saw his need of socializing with toddlers like him when he was about 16 months old, just prior his operation (God Heals: Echo's Journey Towards Full Healing). I hate to admit it but before, Echo had a "mine" nuance when it comes to his toys. There was also a point where he became possessive with his stuffs. He loved having kids around him but what he did is that he doesn’t let other kids touch his things. They were just there watching him play. What my husband and I did is that we brought him to some neighbors' house who have babies and just let him play and interact with them and since I do belong to a mommy group (The Mommy Avenue), I make it a point that I bring him from time to time whenever we conduct EB in order for Echo to meet and greet new set of baby friends as well. From then on, we saw progress. Echo learned to share his own toys aside from gaining new friends.
Some of Echo's friends from The Mommy Avenue/Avenue for Mommies Online
Meanwhile, Army loves playing peek-a-boo and giggling games with her kuya (older brother). Surprisingly, at 22 months, Echo knows how to make her little sister chuckle. Army is now using her kuya's lamaze rattles and also loves having talks (as if her words are already straight) with us. I could not even fathom that she is a pre-emie baby.
My kids Army and Echo <3
In my perception, when we define the word "play", the approach should be holistic. It must also hit the important parts in a child's development which include motor skills, social skills, language skills and other intellectual skills such as ingenuity and problem solving skills.  Toys also take part in our child's learning and development. On the other hand, not all toys are good to our kids. So as parents, we should also be heedful then on what toys to cater to our children.
As I have read from National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC),  safe toys for our kids are:
                               - well made
                               - painted with non toxic and lead free paint
                               -  shatter proof and,
                               - easily clean. (excerpt from Good Toys for Young Children)

Likewise, NAEYC teaches us that although there are a lot of varieties of toys, there are appropriate toys for every age. There are toys that are intended for young infants, older infants, one year old, toddlers, and pre-school and kindergartens.

As my children grow each day, I know that as a mother, I am still no expert and that I still have a lot to learn; that is why attending some parenting and baby rearing talks became part and parcel of our mother-baby-family activities.

Photo Courtesy of Miss Carrie Lupoli on Twitter
This June 16, 2013, the Richwell Club through Fisher Price Joy of Learning Campaign is inviting us all, to be part of their workshop entitled, "The Joy of Learning", which will be facilitated by no other than the "Chief mum" of MumCentre, Miss Carie Lupoli. Miss Carie Lupoli is an expert in the field of special education in the United States and is actively involved in speaking engagements in connection with quality education and improved parenting.


When. The Fisher-Price brings us the "Joy of Learning" Workshop by Miss Carrie Lupoli on 16 0900H-1500H (9AM- 3PM) June, 2013.

Where.  The said Parenting Workshop will be held at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

What. The main topics to be discussed in the said workshop include:
   - The Roles and Responsibilities of Parenting,
   - Understanding Developmental Milestones,
   - How Children Learn Best, and,
   - Age Appropriate Play-based Ideas for Optimal Growth and Development

Who. The target audience of this workshop are parents in order to understand the importance of the role they play in their child's development.

Likewise, it is also advisable that both parents attend as much as possible. Caregivers and adults who are often left at home with the kids are also enjoined to attend.

How. All mommies and daddies may attend the workshop at a minimal rate of Php 1,000.00! That is already inclusive of snacks, lunch, goody bag and of course, a chance to win big raffle prizes!!!

You may register at www.richwell.net/fisherprice.


Fisher-Price is known not only for catering quality baby products but also with its generosity. Yes! You got it right! Fisher-Price is giving out FIVE (5) Free Workshop Tickets! There will be two parts for this give-away:
See you there Soldier Mom's Corner followers and readers!

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