01 April 2013

Philips Avent Product Review

Philips Avent (Philippines) has played a big part on mommy, daddy and baby's lives for the past years. A lot of quality products have been catered by it. Moreover, Philips Avent's best seller is there BPA free feeding bottles, tumblers, teats, teeters, baby utensils etc. I myself am a  big fan of their products.
This is a not-so-updated collection of my kids' Philips Avent products. As of now, Echo owns about 10 9oz combination of honey tint (Polyethersulphone (PES)), clear (Polycarbonate (PC)) and  milky color(Polypropelene) while my little girl has about 6 4oz of the same types.
Admittedly, their feeding bottles or their products for that matter are somewhat pricey. But I can attest to the durability of the product. Actually, the 4oz bottles that my two months old (turning three this April 5) is using are all hand me down bottle from his older brother, Echo. You only need to change the teats. To save up, you may check if the teats' color is still clear, you may still use it.

Until SM Grand Baby Fair 2013 came. Mommy Glaiza (Moomy Musings) and I roam around and discovered this new feeding bottle product from Philips Avent. 
These were the bottles I bought during the SM Grand Baby Fair 2013. On the
left side is the new design of 4oz bottle while on the right side is the 10oz
feeding bottle of Philips Avent. Yes! You read it right! 10 oz!
This is how it looks like. This new design has two sizes, the 4oz and the 10oz.
Its teat is also divided into 3 sizes, small, medium and large.
So here is some comments/review on the new item/design:
1. The price is surprising since I bought the 4oz with Php 275.00 while the 10oz bottle with Php300.00. Take note, this is a sale price. The original price is about Php25-Php50 higher. Nevertheless, still cheaper than the original design right? AFFORDABLE that is!
2. The new design makes it a lot easier for our kids to hold. 
3. It is also unbreakable. As our babies grow, they sometimes have that mannerism of throwing their bottles after consuming their milk. This new design will alleviate extra expenses of buying new bottle.
4. Space saver. With its new design, it made Echo and Alfa's diaper bag more spacious.
5.  The teat of the new design is friendlier to newborn. My little girl Alfa is a pre-emie baby. But the new design made her consume ample amount of milk she needs when I am away. This feeding bottle is a good preparation prior switching to the old design.

Rating? 10/10!

Breastfeeding is the best form of expressing our love to our babies and the best bonding as well. But for a working mommy like me, I have to be sure that my kids are also taking the same nutrients while I am away and this new design is another innovation from Philips Avent. Something new. Something cheap but with quality. The newest design is not yet available in the market. But who knows. Mommy Mundo's Expo Mom 2013 will be held this week, and hopefully they will cater the product again in the area. Because if so, I will be buying another set for my kids. Try it mommies and daddies!