03 April 2013

Soldier Mom Attends La Leche League Breastfeeding Support

I just got back in Manila last March 7 and eventually did go back to work the following day. I was really feeling sad since I made a vow to nurse my youngest for a minimum of one year or until she herself tell me she doesn't want to latch anymore. Why? Because I think, it was one of my frustrations with Echo, breastfeeding him only for about three months. 

I just felt so lucky because last March 9, La Leche League International-Philippines conducted a Breastfeeding Support Meeting, very timely. 

Official Banner of La Leche League meeting with the Topic "Breastfeeding Support" last March 9, 2013.
It was my first time to attend a meeting initiated by La Leche League International but from the very moment I got pregnant with Echo, I did look for organizations catering support to breastfeeding mommies and infanticipating mommies who prefer to breastfeed their babies. I came at the venue (Mothercare Bonifacio High Street Branch, just beside the Active Fun) at about 1:00 P.M.

Miss Abigail L Vernida-Yabot - a certified Lactation Counselor,
La Leche League Leader and founder of the Breastfeeding Club.
The meeting started by introducing one's self. Miss Abbie became the moderator wherein all attendees were ask of some basic questions like were you breastfed when you were a child; how many kids do each participant has; do each pregnant mother present intend to go to work after giving birth; who compose our support system in breastfeeding; etc. Basically, one of the most critical in breastfeeding especially for a working mom is the work environment.
In the picture is a mommy with a 10 months old baby who intends to go back to
work next school year (she is a pre-school teacher). What she did? She talked with the
school principal and ask for leeway hours to pump while she is in school.
Likewise, another topic discussed was in connection with some caregivers who don't want to feed baby with mommy's expressed milk due to its peculiar scent. Admittedly, breastmilk do not really smell good. But still, it is the best for our babies. Maybe using a hospital mask would help. :)

Next is on how to establish and maintain milk supply. Another mommy who attended the meeting is on bottle feeding. Due to nipple confusion, her baby just wouldn't latch so she makes an effort of expressing her milk with the aid of a breastpump. Nevertheless, her baby is an exclusive breast in a bottle fed. I can relate to this because since I went back to work, I really have to the same expressing of milk(another story to tell).

Another hot topic was the sharing of experience of mothers who have more than one kid. My story made Miss Abbie a bit irritated learning that the hospital where I gave birth with my youngest, Alfa, did not exercise the "Unang Yakap" of the Department of Health. More so, the hospital automatically gave formula milk to Alfa. On the other hand, though the hospital did not exercise such, I really made an effort during that time to pump and give Alfa the colostrum she needed.

Other topics discussed in the meeting are the following:

  • Daddy's support to mommy while breastfeeding.
  • Institution whose advocacy is focused on breastfeeding.
  • Basic re-lactation techniques.
  • Supplements for breastfeeding mommies.

Too bad we were given a limited time. Nevertheless, that meeting made me more enthusiastic of feeding my youngest with my BM. I even hit another target that day, buying milk storage bag that is!
Yes I know. Lansinoh is expensive. But that day, I did
not have a choice but to buy one to avoid throwing
my expressed milk in the trash bin. 
Miss Abbie will be going to the US to study once again and have her training as Lactation Counselor. From that day onward I vowed to breastfeed my little girl until she reaches her second birthday. Who knows, maybe it could be even extended for as long as she wants to breastfeed.
Freebies I got for attending the event but I think the most important freebie I got is
the learning I got from the meeting.