26 March 2013

Philippine Military Academy Alumni Home Coming 2013

Year 2012 PMA Alumni Homecoming was a complete family treat. This year is different though since it became a "me" travel time. Why? Because I just gave birth and the weather that time in Baguio City is not conducive for a newborn baby like my little girl. This year's alumni homecoming was held last February 16. This was a special year for my class since it was our first AHC as the most junior host. Here are some of the photos taken during the AHC 2013.

Navy Group Meet-Up. From the Left: Soldier Mom, Grace, Gem and Suzi.
Technically, we are all soldier mommies. Grace and I are army wives while
Gem and Suzi are navy wives. We are all six female navy cavaliers for
class 2008. The two other cavalier weren't able to attend that meet-up.
This was the apartelle where the class stayed. Funny thing is, it even looked and 
read like "Baghawi Apartelle."
Soldier Mom, Kristel, my goddaughter Noa and her Mommy, my own friend
and my Mistah's wife, Mommy Glaiza of Mommy Musings.
The group I was with the whole day. From the left: My cousin Kristel,
my mistah Bajix with his fiancee, my buddy Claire and Paul. We had a light
breakfast prior our registration and attendance to Open House.
My cousin Kristel at the CCQ Station (where
the guard of the barracks stays).
With my former mistah. now underclass and mommy
friend Maan during the barracks inspection
With my mistah and company mate Suzette.
With Maan, Suzette, Midan and Kristel at the Female Barracks.
Kristel with the Alfans at the Alfa Company Barracks.
The company where I graduated...the best company...Alfa Company!
First time to sit on a cadet bunks.
With my fellow Indians.
Right after the Open House (Showcasing of the Cadet Barracks), my mistahs and I took time for some photo ops. PMA Baghawi Air Force group with me. 
The PMA Baghawi Ladies present in the parade grounds. It was a very fruitful experience having attended our Junior Host.
It was really a euphoric experience. It has been five years since we all marched and graduated and became a certified member of the long gray line. Kudos PMA Class of 2008! May we always live in accordance to our class name meaning. Until next alumni homecoming!