11 March 2013

Family Vacation in Davao City I: Echo's First Plane Ride and A Few Quick Tips fo Travellers with Kids

A view from the top
     Last December 28, 2012, my family had our first vacation away from Luzon. My husband and I chose to spend our New Year in Davao City and in Compostela Valley province. It was also very timely since it was the same month when the devastation of "Habagat" occurred, which greatly affected the people of Davao and Compostela Valley. Likewise, it is my firstborn Echo's first time to visit his grandparents and see his cousins down South. A lot of firsts indeed.

     Initially, I was really nervous on how Echo will react while we load on the plane. But then again, with my husband's help, it all became easy. Likewise, I would also like to share some tips that I did and learn from my mommy friends when having a plane ride with a baby/toddler/kid.

1. Days before the flight, you must have a check list of what to bring. Remember to bring only the essentials.

These are our luggage partner. It already contained our clothing, shoes, toiletries, Echo's stuff and pasalubong.
Since we have Echo with us, it is important to have a small bag containing all his needed stuffs during that 2-hour ride: biscuit or anything that your baby could chew while she/he is on the plane, milk, extra feeding bottle, toy, diaper, wipes, sanitizer, small towel, bib, extra clothes, extra plastic bag and a small fleece blanket. Do you see that rolled red thing? That's Echo's blanket. It was already included in this cute little froggy bag given by my officemate. Tip: this was bought in Blue Magic.
2. Always check the completeness of your travel documents to include your ID, your child's copy of birth certificate, travel itinerary etc and it would help if you have an envelope for these. Keep it safely on your hand carry luggage together with your cash, cards, etc.

3. If you picked up the first flight, take a light breakfast at the airport to avoid being late and being stressed.
We had our early breakfast at the airport. Afterwhich, I let Echo play
with his tatay while waiting for our flight. Expectedly, he became
tired and slept during the whole flight.
4. Choose a flight early in the morning (i.e. 0500H) and mid-evening (i.e. 2000H). It is dark during these times which will help you let your kids sleep during the flight.
These were my two boys before the take-off. Echo was really curious
since this was his very first plane ride at the age of 17 months.
When the pilot turned off the lights, Echo then started sleeping. and just
woke up about 10 minutes before the landing. Good job son!

This is Echo and his tatay when the plane has just landed.
5. Always hold and look upon your kids. (Better be safe than sorry.)

These are the 5 quick tips I was able to exercise during that plane ride. Of course there are no children alike. These few tips were applicable to Echo. It may or may not work for your kid but I think you may use this as a reference. Happy plane travelling!