01 March 2012

Philippine Military Academy Alumni Home Coming 2012

     "Oh, proud and bold you stand,
      Bright beacon of the land..."

PMA BAGHAWI Class of 2008
     After graduating on the year 2008, I made a promise to myself to attend the PMA Alumni Home Coming whenever I can, not just to see my mistahs (classmate) but most of all, to pay homage to the institution where I was molded to become a naval officer. Philippine Military Academy... where my naval career started. 2012 PMA AHC is one of the most unforgettable home coming for me for so many reasons. First, this is the very first time that my hubby and I went together. This is second time to attend actually since his first was when i was a first class cadet and that was last 2008. Second, this is my mother's first time to see me marching the parade grounds as an alumna. The last time she saw me marching was during the turn-over parade still last 2008. Third, what made it special this year is that, it is the very first AHC that I attended as a mommy. Hubby and I brought Echo along with us.
     Glin Mar and I also had a deal  that in order to minimize our expenses, we will just attend the PMA AHC if and only if his class and my class will be the host. For this year, Class 2007 is the junior host and since I belong to Class 2008, that means that we will also attend the 2013 PMA AHC.
     The PMA AHC 2012 was held from February 16-19, 2012. a lot of activities were lined up during said days. The highlight of which is the PMA AHC parade held last February 18, 2012. My personal favorite though is the Silent Drill conducted on February 19 and the PMA Canteen Cup (soccer games).
     Here are some few photos that were taken during the 2012 PMA AHC:

in-front of the Lopez Hall of Leaders
at the female barracks CCQ station

with Alfa Indians Plebes
experiencing cadet bunks

with mommy dear
with mommy ninang nurse Kristel Anne
with tita dentist Rein, mommy ninang Kristel and wowa Noemi

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