19 March 2013

Family Vacation in Davao City II

     My firstborn Echo, my husband GM and I arrived at the Davao International Airport last December 28, 2012 at about 7:20 in the morning. We first had our breakfast at a fast food restaurant and proceeded with our itinerary. Here-under is the list of what we did and locations we visited in Davao during the New Year's break (Dec 28-Jan 2).

Day 1:
Our first Destination: DAVAO CROCODILE PARK
     Davao Crocodile Park is situated at Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Highway, Ma-a Davao City. Here are some of the animals that we were able to see during our visit at the Crocodile Park. It was my first time to visit said park while it is Echo's first time to visit a park.

     Aside from the animals that you will see in Davao Crocodile Park, they are also offering white water rafting, which I wasn't able to try of course since I was still pregnant during that time. 

     Our next stop was the Butterfly Farm which is still located in Riverfront Corporate City.
This is my favorite part during my visit at the Butterfly farm. I have
been at the Puerto Princesa City Butterfly farm but this farm
keeps a cabinet of cocoon, which shows how a butterfly grows from
being a caterpillar to a magnificent creature.
I just love this portion of the Butterfly house. I was able to see how a caterpillar turned into a cocoon to a full grown lovely butterfly. 

     Our tour at the Davao Crocodile Park concluded at about 1230H. We had our lunch first then proceeded at our next stop: the Samal Island.
It was not my first time in Davao. But it was my first time to visit the Garden City of Samal. 
We loaded the van we were using in a roro boat. 
Wondering how about those who don't have a vehicle to bring?
A lot of tourists visit Samal Island without any vehicle with them.
There is a prepared area for them, which is at the upper deck of
the roro.
This is how we looked like while waiting for the boat to reach Samal
Island. Tip: If you are planning to stay overnight in Samal, it is better to
get there in the afternoon then leave the next day before lunch time.
On the other hand, if you are just planning for a day tour, make sure
to be in the port area on or before seven (0700H) in the morning.
     We stayed there overnight at a private beach house that we were able to look for.  Our Day 1 was a really long yet fun day. Here are some tips to remember when going to Samal Island:
  • Bring enough water especially when you are bringing your kids. (better be safe than sorry)
  • Bring enough food as well. (you may buy seafood in the area but be sure to bring food for breakfast and snacks as well)
  • If you opt to bring a vehicle, check on your tires and bring a spare. Some roads of Samal Island are still yet to be fixed.
  • Bring enough cash. (Most of the hotels, inns, resorts etc located in the island accept only cash)
  • You are going to a beach/island, bring beach essentials.

DAY 2: This day was a longer one. I think we spent the whole day on the road: from Samal to Port area to Abreeza Mall down to Compostela, Compostela Valley, my husband's hometown. Upon arriving in Compostela, my husband and I were surprised by the extent of the devastation of "Habagat". For several reasons, I opted not to take pictures. Nevertheless, it was a good thing that my parents in laws' house weren't that affected. Thank God.

DAY 3:  Third day was another busy and tiring day for us. We went to the barrio, brought food and drinks and stayed there until dawn. It was Echo's first time to play with his cousins in BAREFOOT! The whole day was full of play and hi and hellos.

DAY 4: This was a road trip day for our family. We went to my husband's childhood friends' houses and had a chit chat. This was Echo's first time to ride a motorcycle. In the evening, we had our media noche and later on slept. New Year in Compostela is no different with New Year in Luzon. 

DAY5: This could have been another road trip but this is when my preterm labor began. At about 0800H, after letting Echo take his bath, my husband noticed a stain on my pajamas. I did take a look and voila! A spotting indeed. I felt nervous since what first came in my mind is our return flight the next day. I composed myself and chose to be calm because I knew deep in my heart that Alfa (my youngest' nick name) will cooperate with me. (Another story to tell)

My father-in-law and my husband then brought me to Tagum Doctor's Hospital. I was examined, confined overnight and put on needles. My attending doctor was thinking of keeping me in the hospital for a week. But then again, Alfa cooperated and the doctors gave us a clearance to go home the next day.

DAY 6: Everything went well but I have to sacrifice not holding Echo. It pains me seeing my little son asking for Nanay. At about 2000H, we were able to load our designated plane and landed smoothly at NAIA 3.

As we mommies always say, nothing beats a family time and vacation. Even a staycation will do provided that the family is complete with Tatay, Nanay and the kids together.