13 April 2012

Simple Lessons in Life

     Most of the time, when we celebrate our birthday, we tend to expect or even ask gifts from our husband, parents, sisters, brothers, friends, etc. Some are used to throwing big parties, travel around the world, or host game events in celebration of their natal day. Oh well I have no question about it since every person has their own way and perception on how to celebrate their big day...how to celebrate the gift of life. 
       But just recently, a friend's (Mary Pauline Danga-Obias) post in a networking site caught my attention. Why? Check out my friend's post:

I have just been to Negros Occidental and I have learned a couple of things. I want to share what I learned.
1. You do not need to be a politician or a public servant or a trust fund baby to help others. The slippers we distributed only cost P25.00 a pair but the smile I saw on the lips of those children are priceless.
2. The more you give the more blessings you will receive. If you give more, the flood gates of heaven will open and the Lord will shower you with more blessings.
3. I learned to appreciate my husband.  ______________, you made my 34th birthday very memorable. You may not be the perfect husband or the perfect father but who cares?! Even the care bears do not care.
4. I learned to appreciate the efforts of the soldiers. I am very thankful to the Officers' and men of Charlie Company, 11th IB for making my birthday very memorable. Gotta love the Army.
5. I learned to pray and be thankful to the Almighty for giving me a wonderful husband, a pretty daughter and good health.
6. I learned to be more patient and understanding.
7. I learned to speak less and to listen more.
8. I learned that good things come to those who wait.
9. I learned that good things come in small packages.
10. I learned that having sex and lots of it may be good for your health but having sex, in the middle of the night and shouting out in pure ecstasy inside a small hut with nothing but "sawali" as walls, will certainly wake up the whole camp.

(Note: I copied the original document as is.)

    What I learned on this post:

     On Helping Others.  I think many will agree that every time we do help others or become influential in changing the lives of people even in a small way, at the end of the day, it is us who also become fulfilled and happy. 
     On Appreciating Our Partner/Husband/Wife. In every relationship, we must learn to appreciate even the smallest effort of our better-half. As they say, if you as a husband wants to be treated like a king, you must treat your wife as a queen vice versa.
      On Keeping a Closer Relationship with God. A relationship guided by God equates to a blissful life.
     On Learning How to Wait. When I was in high school, I learned that God answers to our prayers in three ways: Yes. No. Wait. 
     If God answers YES, what you are asking for is really meant for you.
     If God answers NO, He is preparing better things for you because you deserve only the best.
    If God answers WAIT, He wants you to learn that not all things are catered for free. We must also learn to act right to reach our goals. At the end of the day, we get what we deserve.
     On Keeping the "Fire" Burning. As my friend has said, sex and lots of it is healthy. In keeping a good marriage, this must not be taken for granted. (Take note mommies!)