11 April 2012

"The Power of a Praying Wife"

          Since I was a kid, I was already a bookworm. In line with this, I decided to have a "Book Review" included in my labels, so I may share the books I have been reading. I may not be able to remember all the books that I have already read since I was a kid, but I may share the latest books I have in my shelf.

     Before I got married with my ex-boyfriend (now my husband), my mother has been constantly reminding me that as a wife (whether we like it or not), we will be the main actor that will keep our marriage (I actually disagree with this). My mom also emphasized that as a couple, we should build a closer relationship with God, for as we draw closer to God, our relationship also strengthens.

In my perception, no relationship or marriage in particular that is made in heaven. Every couple experiences various problems. For a wife like me, maybe one way or another, we already have several questions and experiences that we try to answer and find remedies all by ourselves especially that as an army wife, my husband and I barely see each other. If you have the same sentiments or almost similar feelings like mine, the book "The Power of a Praying Wife" is a good buy for you then (it is for me).

Copyright 1997

     "The Power of a Praying Wife" was written by the best-selling author Stormie Omartian, who primarily wrote The Power of Praying Series. I’m just not sure when the first copyright was published but what I am sure of is that, this book stayed to be in the best-selling years for nine (9) years (quite long huh?). The book originally costs about $15.00 (Php 660.00). Luckily I was able to purchase a second hand copy (which is still in very good condition) of the book for only Php 115.00. The book was not as fancy as I thought but upon browsing its contents/pages, I already knew that this book will be one of my favorites.

          The book is composed of 30 chapters filled up with meaty insights and lessons that Omartian herself experienced. I believe the author focused on what a typical wife does when being battled by various marriage difficulties. She managed to emphasize the question, what do we have to do when having problems with our husband, his work, his health, his attitude, finances, priorities, sexuality, affection, temptations, mind, fears, choices, fatherhood etc. The author also admitted that she is just but human that she first tried arguing, pleading, ignoring, confronting and the ever womanly attitude of being silent in facing these problems. Omartian stated that it also took her sometime to realize that by praying first, these dreadful moments may be avoided. In this book, Omartian shared how her own marriage grew strong as she started lifting her concerns about her husband to God.

        This 203-pager book is a must-read for all wives. As an army wife, this continuously helps me in reminding me how to help, understand and support my husband in his profession. This already serve like a lifetime reference. This is also highly recommended for all the wives experiencing marital problems and even those who are already on the brink of divorce, annulment or separation. Aside from this, it is an enlightening book for the newlyweds and women who are already on planning stage of marriage. A must-read and must-keep book, “The Power of a Praying Wife.”