02 April 2012

Fifteen-Day Breather

     For my nine years in the active service (to include my cadetship), this was the very first time I availed for RNR (rest and recreation). Anticipating that I may be reassigned in NCR in a couple of week’s time, I grabbed the chance to spend quality time with my son. Supposedly, my husband and I will be having our RNR together but due to the exigencies of our chosen profession, I had to go first while he just availed for the first two weeks of April. A fifteen-day break may seem long, but for a working mom like me, every minute is important. Below is my schedule on how I spent my fifteen-day breather.

First Day:
-Traveled from Baguio City to Pangasinan.
-Church call with my son.
-Full-time yaya/cook.

Second Day:
-Full-time yaya/cook.
-Entertained some visitors (my cousins actually).

Third Day:
-Hubby's finance manager.
-Full-time yaya/cook.

Fourth Day:
-Finalized pedia appointment.
-Mommy-baby grocery time.
-Cooked Mac n’ Cheese.

Fifth Day:
-Malling privilege with Echo.

Sixth Day:
-Church Call with Echo.

Seventh Day:
-Mommy-baby day.

Eighth Day:

Ninth Day:
-Solo church call.
-Market encounter day.

Tenth Day:
-Received a call regarding my reassignment.
-Mommy, Echo and Wowa day out.

Eleventh Day:
-Visited the office.
-Mommy-baby day.

Twelfth Day:
-Baguio with cousins.
-Baguio night market.

Thirteenth Day:
-Church call with Echo.

Fourteenth Day:
-Mommy-baby day out.

Fifteenth Day:
-Hubby went home earlier than expected (surprise!).
-Echo’s last dose of PCV.
-My cousin’s wedding.
-Family day out at Leisure Coast Resort.

       Definitely my fifteen-day break was filled of bonding time with my baby. Just playing around and observing how receptive my son is as he grows each day, makes my day. For a working mom like me, aside from love, time is the best thing I can give to my family.

          As the holy week approaches, another family time awaits us. To my readers, may all of you have a fruitful and fun family bonding experience…God Bless!