15 July 2013

Kiddie Tunes Personalized CDs and DVDs Part 1 {Product Review}

When I got pregnant, the very first maternity gift I received was a cd package containing a variety of classical music to include that of Beethoven and Mozart. My then boss and godfather sir "Pretty Boy" shared that pregnant women who are listening to classical songs, will help their baby's brain development and serve as a soothing method both for the mother and her growing fetus. With this, I obeyed his advice and also began reading related topics on baby music.

Likewise, as I have mentioned in my previous posts, I began attending several Mommy Mundo events when my E was born. It served as my mommy haven where I can attend several parenting talks, meet my mommy friends, have my kids bond with other children and buy stuffs at lower price through their bazaar. One of the things that I first bought was the Kiddie Tunes personalized CD for E, which contains a collection of classical and original lullabies.
The very first CD I bought from Kiddie Tunes worth Php 850.00. Check
Events That Should Not Be Missed.
If I remember it right, I bought it last November 2011, four months after I gave birth to my firstborn. It was like a test drive if E would like to listen to new music aside from his Beethoven and Mozart collection. What I did was to play the "You're an Angel" CD (classic lullaby collection of Kiddie Tunes) while E had his morning nap. I did it over and over again until I found myself letting him listen with the same music even during his regular sleeping time at night. Auspiciously, E did love his new lullaby! It even became part of his system that when we had our vacation in La Union and Ilocos Norte last December 2011, his song list was included our car's audio. It also aided me to let him sleep during the travel without any hassle.

And because of the positive effects of baby music with E, I made it appoint that my youngest A should also have her own personalized CD. So during the Expo Mom 2013, I formally met mommy Cheryl Yap, the owner of Kiddie Tunes and was able to buy a CD for my little girl. This time, I chose baby Christian songs, "Jesus Loves You".

Just the same with his older brother, A did fall asleep with no sweat when her CD is being played. How about E? Oh, he loves it too! He dances and goes around me and his Tatay, Lolo and Lola when his little sister's song list is being played.  My little rascals are certified Kiddie Tunes babies. So mommies and daddies, get your kids their own set of personalized Kiddie Tunes CD and share your own experience with it! Have fun!

Disclaimer: This product review is free of charge.