23 July 2013

KLM Malaysia in Hot Water {Service Review}


Yesterday, I came across an article and an open letter directed to KLM Malaysia about an 18 year old  Filipina travel scholar, Arjean Marie Belco who was denied to take her flight to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (via Amsterdam). Accordingly, Arjean is supposed to attend the World Youth Day. For full details of the reasons behind the said denial, please refer to Goodxorg's Open Letter.


Referring to Goodoxrg's open letter, I now post these questions to KLM Malaysia:

- How do you choose your staffs? How come a MR SHAWA attitude exist among your ranks?

- How do you handle complaints like that with Arjean's concern? Can you explain the following past and present complaints as well?

KLM Staff Assaults Pax in Cape Town in 2001.
Consumer Complaints and Reviews 
In as much as we do not like KLM be put in bad light, it is a costumer's right to be treated well, regardless of skin color and social status. How many Arjeans will there be if you continue to employ a bunch of MR SHAWA? How many tourist will not be treated well if all they want is a relaxing flight and stress free vacation?