22 June 2013

Fisher-Price Joy of Learning Workshop with the "Chief Mum" {Event}

The most awaited Fisher-Price Joy of Learning Workshop #FPJOL with Miss Carrie Lupoli, "Chief Mum" of the Mom Center was successfully conducted last 16 June 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila coinciding with the Fathers Day.

The Fisher-Price Joy of Learning Workshop Manila leg, is an initiative of the Richwell Trading which was also attended by Fisher-Price Philippines' Ambassador Miss Audrey Tan-Zubiri.


The choice of venue was perfect. Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila has been the home of various seminars, dialogue and forum. It is located in Ortigas commercial centre; just a few minutes away from Makati and most of all, strategically located near shopping centres and bus and train terminals.


The set date by the Richwell Trading for this event was perfectly timely as well, specifically for those looking for a different way to celebrate Fathers' Day.



The registration area was well organized. The lists of the names of the attendees were neatly categorized as well.

Activity Areas

It was a good thing that the event organizer was sensitive enough to place an activity area for the kids where they can play and interact with other children.

Likewise, aside from children's play area, Fisher-Price also save a portion for "Greetings Area" where we posted our letter to our respective husbands for the Fathers' Day. It was my first time to celebrate Fathers' Day alone due to the exigencies of our chosen profession.

The Speaker

Miss Carrie Lupoli is the Founder and Executive Director of Live and Learn, which is Southeast Asia's premier education consultancy and assessment firm focusing on diverse concepts. Likewise, she is the Editor for MumCentre Southeast Asia, renowned "Chief Mum" for Mum Centre Worldwide and the official spokesperson for Mattel Fisher Price Southeast Asia.

Prior her main lecture, Miss Carrie shared her experiences during her pregnancy with her child, Grace. According to her, as a couple, she and her husband were not able to have their own child during their first five years of being married. She even conceived Grace through IVF and had her labor for 67 hours just to end up undergoing Caesarian Section delivery...Such a strong woman!

The Host

Of course the event will not be possible without the efforts of these beautiful people. Thank you ma'am for initiating such event and we hope that this will not be the last.



Miss Carrie categorized her lecture/talk into two: Sticky Notes for those who have questions in mind during the course of her talk and Ah Ha Moments for the specific ideas we get that which we think that has direct impact on our parenting style. Accordingly, the goals of the said workshop include:

  • To help parents understand the importance of playbased activities with regard to brain development and laying a foundation of success and,
  • To give parents practical strategies on how to effectively interact and play with their children at a variety of ages. (tool box of ideas)

Her talk from 0900H to 1500H that day was never dull, boring nor monotonous. She based her lecture on her own experiences as a mom and a wife, the situations that the family has been through and the circumstances why they arrived at certain parenting decisions.

Parenting Navigation

As a naval officer, we learn different navigation techniques. But through Carrie's talk, I realized that as a parent, we must also have our clear road maps, be equipped with a GPS and be sure on what direction we will be going in our journey to parenthood. 

Photo courtesy of GPS.Gov
Parenting Box

Second, our children are like little boxes. Whatever we fill those boxes with during the crucial first five years of their lives will be the same things they will be carrying until they grow up. So it is very important to fill their boxes only with GOOD THINGS.

From that we proceeded to our first group activity. We listed down in a paper the specific things we want our children to learn and want them to be when they grow up.

Goal of Parenting

It is in this workshop that I realized that "the measure of our success as parents is when our kids grow in to INDEPENDENT adults and that as parents, our jobs is to help teach and guide them towards positive decisions for themselves, taking responsibility for their actions and socializing appropriately among the work." (Ah Ha Moment 1)

On Developmental Milestones

Carrie asked, "Who among you records your babies' developmental milestones such as first smile, first laugh etc?" Personally, since my firstborn Echo was born, documenting his developmental milestones has been part of my job as a parent. This has never changed with my youngest Alfa so I raised my hand to answer her question.

Carrie cited that documenting such milestones is pivotal in recognizing what is average, above average and when a child is may be at risk. Likewise, she also emphasized that "parents who often do not know about nor document such milestones very much place their children at risk for life long challenges that could have been significantly improved if recognized earlier." (Ah Ha Moment 2) It gave me a relief that as a parent, I was doing the right thing. Before, I thought about it like I was just having a paranoia. Take note that said documentation must not stop until 2 years of age but should continue until a child reaches 6 or 7.


Photo courtesy of examiner.com
There are still a lot of Ah Ha Moments that I had during the talk composed of the following:

  • Child's language learning starts during pregnancy.
  • Being a problem solver id important to our kids.
  • As parents, we must learn to use our different voices: direction, protection, education and mentorship, all at different times.
  • Paying is not trivial. When children play, they are doing a very important work.

Likewise, when we were asked if we had any questions, this is what I raised (which was chosen from among the 20 plus questions submitted):

"As a soldier mom whom often being deployed, how can I make up for all those playing times that I should have been with my kids?"

Carrie's Answer: For women in the military, such situation is inevitable. As a mother, what you can do is that when you are with your kids, be sure that your full attention and time are focused on them. Maximize those times that you are able to go home with them. With that, they will not remember those times that you were not around. What they will remember instead are those times you had good quality time together.

I often feel guilty that I am not physically with my kids 24/7. But this workshop gave me a reflection that I can still be a better mother...that my husband and I can still be better parents for our children. I learned from this workshop that we as parents are not infallible. We are still human beings. But we all have the power to teach and guide our kids to become better persons.

In my case, I would like my kids to become God-fearing individuals (if they do, all else will follow) and to become people who will treat others fairly and with honesty. I want them to grow up independent and responsible persons.

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