07 March 2012

“Why I Love Being a Mom and Blogger”

     This is an official entry to Dainty Mom’s Bloggy Goodies Contest, in celebration of the Dainty Mom blog’s 2nd anniversary. 


     For five years, I stayed in the portals of the Philippine Military Academy. Prior to where I am now, never did I imagine that I will enter the military, marry an army officer or become a soldier mom. I was just a carefree UP student maximizing my time as teenager. But as they say, the only thing constant in this world is change.
PMA Class 2008 Midshipmen, now Naval Officers of the Philippine Navy
     My world turned just like an ordinary wheel. I went on AWOL from UP Baguio and took the risk in entering the academy. My adventurous life didn’t end there. I was turned back due to medical condition and I felt like I was a failure. But because of the support of my parents, I survived the succeeding four years in the academy and am now a naval officer. Aside from the support that my family gave me, we were taught that despite the various physical and mental activities that we undergo in the academy, we remain focused and calm and that is termed “stability under pressure.” We must not treat problems as problems but we must treat it as a challenge to keep moving.

During Garden Wedding, December 18, 2010
From the Left: My FIL Papa Mario, My MIL Mama Becca,Me, My husband Glin Mar,
My Father Papa Jun, and my mother Mama Noemi.
     At the end of the day, despite the hardships I have experienced, I’m thankful that I made that journey. Why? Aside from the academic achievement, PMA is also the place where I met my husband, who is also a graduate of the academy and is currently serving the Army. We had our civil marriage last 28 January 2010, which was followed by a garden wedding on 18 December at Lisland Rainforest Resort Urdaneta, Pangasinan same year. Yes, you read it right; we got married two times in 2010.

     I thought that being in the service is already intricate. But being an army wife or being a soldier’s wife for that matter is I think unique. You think double or triple maybe about the safety of your husband and your family. You pray nth times a day. And you become tougher than anybody else, not because you want to…but because you have to. My relationship with my husband was never perfect but I can fairly say that we do our best to see each other as often as we could and as a rule, never argue over the phone or if unavoidable, never sleep until your discussion or argument with your husband is already settled.
At the Operating Room with my two OB
After the CS...thank God I can kiss you now Echo
     Last 08 July 2011, I think it was the happiest moment for my husband and me, aside from the day of our wedding of course. It is because it was the day that God bequeathed us the gift of life…our little angel Marco Quintin "Echo" Espiritu Fernandez was born at the AFP Medical Center. I couldn’t ask for anything else. I have my career, my friends, my parents, my husband and now, my son. God is really good all the time.

Glin Mar's First Daddy Hold
     It was just last November 2011 that I was encouraged to create my own blog page. I was pushed by a mommy friend, who happens to be the wife of my close buddy in PMA. Yes, she is also an army wife.
My very first post entitled "First time Blogger, First Time Mom"
     By the time I created my first post, I felt like I was also born to a new passion. And as I write my succeeding posts, I felt the urge to share my views as a naval officer, a daughter, a wife and a mother. Because, it is not only the soldier that lives with “stability under pressure,” WE, AS A MOTHER FOLLOW THIS CREED: BEING STABLE DESPITE ALL THE PRESSURES AND PROBLEMS IN LIFE, Because We Want to and We Have To.
My blog post for the Philips Avent Philippines Christmas Party
     My blog post for Healthy Options when I won in their online promo