17 November 2011

First Time Blogger, First Time Mom

                Blogging has already been a trend for the past few years. Since then, for how many times did I attempt to create one and share the story of my audacious life or insights in some matters. Oh well, I thought my life is a bit boring...but lately, I have joined the Philips Avent Philippines discussion board and realized so many things and events that I have been missing...and blogging is one of those.
             They say that when a child is born, a mother is also born. I hold this saying true. The arrival of my son, Marco Quintin Fernandez if I may say is a life changing event. I guess all mothers will agree with me, that when a baby is born, our outlook in life changes. As for me, various plans that I have set in my life as a naval officer were altered. I thought that if I want to have a good family, I should sacrifice some things and that includes my career as a naval officer. I am not totally giving up my career but if I may say, I chose not to be on the limelight. No regrets. I am still serving the Nation and Filipino people while taking care of my child.
               In this blog site, I will try to share my experiences balancing my life as a woman, a naval officer, a daughter, a wife and a mother. Comments and suggestions regarding my blogs are welcome.