06 March 2012

Beef Potato Burger

     Craving for that big sized burger servings but still thinking how will you manage to stick with your minimum/maximum calorie intake? Here's a burger version, which you may add to your healthy diet.


(For the Patties)
1/2 kls ground beef
5 medium sized potatoes (boiled and mushed)
2 medium sized carrots (minced)
2 small sized red bell pepper (minced)
3 medium sized white onions (minced)
2 eggs beaten
5 tbsp cornstarch/all purpose flour
2 tbsp iodized salt
2 tbsp olive oil
1-2 cups of corn oil

(For Burger Presentation)
1 whole lettuce
3 large tomatoes
1 whole cucumber

(For Dressing)
Mustard Sauce
Caesar Salad Dressing
Banana Ketchup

1. Mix all ingredients (for patties) in a large bowl.
2. Form it into patties.
3. Fry the patties in a cooking pan using the corn oil until golden brown. (You may grill it to lessen use of oil)
4. Place the cooked patty in a bun.
5. Top it with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese (I used quick melt) and your choice of dressing.

     Homemade burgers are more healthy and nutritious. Aside from this, another healthy tip, instead of buying commercialized fries as a partner to your burger meal, you may just buy large sized potatoes or sweet potatoes and deep fried it or baked it. Happy eating!