14 March 2012

NFNL Hosts Human Rights Advocacy

     The common negative misconception when a person knows what my job is? Human Rights Violator.

     The AFP has been bombarded with a lot of negative publicity for the past years specifically linking with various alleged human rights violations that were committed by its soldiers. In showbiz, a bad publicity is still publicity. But for the armed forces, a bad publicity equates to a possible lowering of morale of its people, ruining someone's name and career or more worse, destroying a strong family. That is why the armed forces and its sub-units are strengthening its efforts in advocating the Human Rights and the International Humanitarian Law.

      Just last 09 March 2012, The Naval Forces Northern Luzon hosted the Philippine Navy Human Rights Office Advocacy on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. This was attended by more or less fifty people composed of the Officers, Enlisted Personnel and Civilian Employees of the Command. Registration started at about 0730H (7:30 a.m.) and the main program commenced at about 0830H through an invocation led by the NFNL Command Chaplain, Major Manuel Tabios CHS which was followed by the National Anthem.
NFNL HRO welcoming the participants of the advocacy
Chief HRO of the
Philippine Navy
      The welcome remarks was given by no less than the NFNL Human Rights Officer and at the same time the Deputy Commander, Navy Captain Rommel Jude G Ong PN (GSC). CAPT ONG pointed out that “human rights begin at home.” He also emphasized that as a soldier, we must calibrate ourselves with the rule of law. Indeed, his message was a good way to start the activity. After said speech, the Chief, Naval Human Rights Office gave his message as well. He shared that NFNL is the third naval forces that PNHRO visited, the first was the Naval Forces Southern Luzon and the second was the Naval Forces Central. He appreciated the large number that he saw registering and attending the activity.

      The highlight of the advocacy was initiated thru the distribution of survey questions, which tested the knowledge of the attendees in connection with human rights. This was followed by a video presentation on what is human rights.  The whole morning until afternoon was chock-full of lectures which were very informational and useful. At about 1700H (5:00 p.m.), Colonel Domingo Tutaan Jr PA (GSC), the Chief, AFP HRO gave his lecture and closing remarks.
AFP HRO giving his lecture
      The AFP is earnest to its endeavor to make the statistics of human rights violations down to zero. And this has been manifested thru the various activities that the AFP has been involved with such as this advocacy.

      Let us continue advocating human rights.