28 September 2012

Drypers Wee Wee Dry's Big Event and AMO Send-Off Chit Chat

   Every mother wants best for their kids. And as a wise mommy, we purchase baby stuffs that are durable, high quality and well tested but not so expensive or is worth the price. In buying diaper, we also apply those requirements. But not all diapers are of the same kind. Some are high quality but are too expensive while some diapers are really way cheaper than the leading brands but may cause harm to your baby's skin. Dilemma right? Until Svenska Cellulosa Actie (SCA) Philippines introduced Drypers Wee Wee Dry in the market.

     SCA Philippines and Drypers Wee Wee Dry also have a sophisticated way of introducing their new innovations in the market. How? Last September 11, 2012, they invited online mothers on a very special, private and best ever event of their company on September 22, 2012 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. As the posted message says, "only the first 50 moms who shall reply "yes" to this message/post shall be given this wonderful privilege." My friend and kumare, Moomy Musings gave me a heads up on the said private event and luckily, I was able to be included in the short list.

     The next day, September 12, I was able to receive an e-invitation through email (image at the left). And since I'm staying in the metro during the said weekend, I gladly confirmed my attendance for the said event. I saw it as an avenue to learn more about the new innovations and at the same time meet up with my co-members of Avenue for Mommies Online (AMO). It was a perfect timing since one of our members is leaving for US so the group also decided to have a send-off dinner right after the Drypers Event. On September 14, I was contacted and I was informed by SCA that I am already included in the 3-5 p.m. slot.

     So here comes September 22. I left early so as to avoid human traffic at the MRT since they are not catering stored value tickets as of the meantime. My mommy friend, Mommy Liv of tinkerputt's turf and I had snacks at Robinsons Galleria prior going to the venue of the event at Crowne Palaza Hotel at Ortigas. We arrived at the lobby of the fourth floor at about 12:45 in the afternoon and just waited for the other AMO mommies since the first batch of the Drypers Mombassadors event was not yet finished.

     The second batch, which includes me and my mommy friends, started at about 1:30 p.m. with the registration. The early birds (20 mommies who first said yes in the facebook invitation post of Drypers Wee Wee Dry) were able to receive Drypers towel aside from the shirt that were given to us. 

 SCA Philippines and Drypers Wee Wee Dry know how to impress. In my perception, this event is really well funded and the organizer particularly chose mommies who are also meticulous when it comes to baby products. If I may say, this is a very good investment on the company's part while a perfect event for all the mommies who have attended it. Aside from the freebies each mommy/guest was able to bring home, the learning and the quality time spent with other mommies are the most important.

At the right side of the entrance is a candy corner. It was not an event for mommies alone but for kids as well and even daddies, grandma's and nannies. Oh, I missed out; there were also celebrity mommies who were present like Angelu De Leon, Mylene Dizon, Carlen Aguilar-Ocampo, Jackie Manzano and Aubrey Miles.

As I have said, this was an event not only for mommies but for kids as well. Thank you to Drypers that they saved and allotted a place for a play area.

 Crowne Plaza Hotel Ballroom B is a big space. The hall contained about a hundred to 150 people. The tables were properly arranged. At the registration alone, I know that the Avenue for Mommies Online (AMO) mommies will dominate the hall. I was right! We occupied three tables!!! Our headcount almost hit 25 to 30 including those who attended the morning batch.
There was also a video booth, which I fondly called that day as "testimony booth." You face in front of the camera and answer the questions "What do you love about being a mom" and "Why Drypers is your choice of diaper brand." Believe it or not, as I remember it right, my tongue got tangled while answering those questions. I may be a writer but I am not so good with cameras!LOL.
And of course, if there is a testimony booth, there is also a photobooth. I think I was able to have 2-3 shots here together with my AMO mommy friends.

There were about two lectures conducted by the Drypers. The first one was lecture about their new product innovation while the other one is focused on baby matters. I was really engrossed with the presentation that I already forgot taking pictures.

So maybe you will ask, how about snacks? Drypers is generous enough that they prepared sumptuous snacks and early dinner in one. There was also a table for cakes and pastries and a tower cupcake, which I think was everyone's favorite. Its icing was costumized with the name "Drypers" on it. There was a choco and vanilla cupcake. I prefer the vanilla cupcake.

Drypers is a sensitive company as I see it. Why? The organizer was sensitive enough to know that most of the mothers will also bring their kids with them. And with this, Drypers also prepared a separate buffet for the kids. Well, as for me, I opted to eat two cupcakes, pancit, barbeque and meat rolls. The AMO mommies were thinking of having an early dinner after the event but with the food served this plan was already omitted.

It was really a fun afternoon. As I have written earlier, AMO mommies occupied three tables (I think this was not noticed by the organisers). Well of course I wasnt able to get a picture of me since I was the official photographer of the group during that time. LOL.

Moreover, aside from the food, what made the event an extravagant one are the booths prepared for the mommies and other guests. BC Magazine was present and gave about four copies of their publication.

Next booth is the Lootbag claiming area. The lootbag contained various items such as baby bath, physiogel cream, Libreese sanitary napkin and pantyliner, two packs of Drypers diaper and kiddie vitamins.

 Various games were also done. Pin the Diaper game was one of my favorites. Well, all mommies who joined this eventually won since we were all coached! By who? By the Drypers team of course! LOL.

The prize for the Pin the Diaper game was a gift pack containing Drypers products like Baby Shampoo, Body Wash and Baby Wipes. Above photo shows my mommy friends and I showcasing our prize! (From Left: Mommy Mona Valle, Atty Mary Pauline Danga Obias and Soldier Mom's Corner author).

The next booth I visited together with my five other mommy friends is the diaper guessing game. A logo of the Drypers "Our Best Ever" shall be placed in one of the six diapers on the table. They will mix it up and the mommy who will be able to get the diaper with that logo wins. Who won the game? Ehem...of course..me! LOL. I was able to get a pack of Drypers Drypantz!

The next and last booth I visited together with my mommy friend Atty Mary Pauline (who happens to be the empress of the Mary Pauline Salon Business Empire) was the Pair the Socks Game. We were given 14 pairs of rambagized socks which you should be able to arrange in 30 seconds. Luck was in our hands that time that we both won the game. We were able to win a pack of small and newborn drypers. Mommy Pauline eventually gave me her prize since I am infanticipating. Thank you Mommy Pau! And oh, thank you mommy Desi and mommy Edel! They also gave me their items won in the said game. 

 Of course not all games were done in the booths. Other games were also conducted on stage. During the registration, we were given some piece of paper. Later did we know that it has also a corresponding prize. The mommies/guests who were able to get pieces of paper with the tag "Our Best Ever" gets a special prize, drypers towel. Aunt Juling (Moomy Musing's aunt) and Mommy Gigi were able to get prizes!

The next game was the "Diaper Relay." A group composed of six mommies will team up and change the diapers of the baby dolls place at the end of the stage. Of course, the game was obviously dominated by the AMO mommies. I really wonder if this was noticed by the organisers. LOL. I was asked by one of the organisers to join. They didn't notice that I was pregnant! If only the game did not involve running, I would have joined.

The mommies who joined this game were even thinking critically on what strategies to use. Why? The mommies will pair up and use only one of their hands. One mommy using her right hand while the other pair with her left hand. I am really not meant to do this game. The table where the dolls are being changed was also a bit small that the mommies bumped with each other.

As they say, the more entries, the more chances of winning. And voila! The AMO mommies won the Diaper Relay game. I just have a little problem. I really cannot remember what was the prize..LOL. I was busy taking pictures thats it! By the way, the winners are mommies Lau, Donna, Krystyna, Chai and Edna. 

The last game that was played was the Diaper Bouquet Making Contest. There were two teams who competed for this, the Jackie Team and Aubrey team. Mommy Cheddy was the sole AMO mommy here who joined. I think AMO mommies really have a lucky charm since the winner for this was Aubrey Miles' team where mommy Cheddy belonged. Again, since I was taking pictures, I missed out what prize was given to the winners.

The last part of the program was allotted for the raffle draw. The first drawn names were able to receive Stabucks Gift Certificates. Some of my friends who won it include mommy Mona, mommy Sherrybe, aunt Elsa (mother of Moomy Musings) and aunt Juling. 

The second set of names that were drawn won Army Navy GCs. I thought that the raffle prizes will already end when the Five Thousand Peso Cash Prize was already drawn.

Never did It occur in my mind that I'd still be able to win a raffle prize until my name was called for the GRAND PRIZE!!! 

The prize was Php 10,000.00! I was even surprised I wasnt able to go up to stage immediately. I have already received a lot of Drypers products that is why this prize was a big surprise! Thank God! 

I felt so happy about my prize but of course, I did not want to bring it home without sharing the blessings I received for the day. Right after the Drypers event, we proceeded to Starbucks Robinsons Galleria and shared my blessings to my mommy friends. 

It was also very timely since one of my co-members, mommy Chai was leaving for the US for schooling. Prior the Drypers event, we have already agreed to meet up and have an early send-off dinner. But since we are all still full from the meals served by Drypers Wee Wee Dry and SCA Philippines, we opted to just have coffee. 

That afternoon was full of fun and surprises. I am confident that all the mommies who have attended the event went home happy and satisfied. 

This is one of the most extravagant company events that I have attended as I may say. The event was carefully planned and well executed. To SCA Philippines and Drypers Wee Wee Dry, KUDOS!!!

Thank you very much for that wonderful Mombassadors event. Rest assured that we, AMO mommies will be patronising your product and will continue to advocate the same.