28 November 2012

Soldier Mom's Corner Celebrates its First Year Anniversary in Blogging

     November 14, 2011 marked the day when I initially posted my first ever online article in this blog page. I have been writing since I was in college and the only things that changed are the topics and focus of my write ups. For this blog page, it is more confined on my career and family. I still write in some journals in our unit but of course, it is more on the specific matters of my work.
     As I remember it right, I wasnt really fond of reading blogs. I started liking it when I have read my good friend's blog page, Moomy Musings, where I did learn a lot of stuff not only about being a mother but also about life. From then on, I started browsing other interesting blogs. From Moomy Musings also, I learned that blogging is really a big world for it covers advertising, sharing life experiences and lessons, experiencing winning a contest and organizing one and of course my favorite, reading. Blogging is not just about writing. It is the art of writing and conveying your readers about an honest opinion about various topics, reviews of products which you were able to genuinely use (not just for the sake of advertising and getting a freebie out of it) and educating your readers on the matters where they are not yet aware of.

     For the past past year, I have shared some of my experiences as a wife, a mother and a naval officer. I may not have run a lot of blog give-away contests, but still, I thank you all for the exchange of feeds, for following my blog page and for liking my facebook page as well. And with this, I would also like to share. Just comply with the rafflecopter steps and have the chance to win these Tiny Buds items!

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