26 December 2012

Gender Awareness and Sensitivity Board Team Building

Last 14-15 December 2012, the Gender Awareness and Sensitivity Board (GASB) of my unit got a chance to hold a team-building. Its purpose is to know more about each other and to build camaraderie among the group. This was held in Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) Training Camp in Ternate, Cavite.

PMC Training Camp Headquarters in Ternate, Cavite. As a courtesy, we first visited the Commander prior proceeding to our destination, the seaside and FOIC Cottage where we stayed overnight.

We proceeded at the Drill Instructors Net and there first settled our things.

Since we arrived at about 1130H, we all got hungry and of course, we prioritized the call of our tummies.
After having lunch, we then fixed our stuff at the FOIC Cottage. As one of the officers aboard, I was the one tasked to be the emcee and facilitator of the games (I'm pregnant so I cant join the games prepared). Prior the games, we first had a short program.

My Buddy during cadetship, LTJG CHARO T ESPANOLA PN gave a welcome remarks to the participants.

The Chairman, GASB of our unit, LT FLORISSA YNCIERTO PN gave the house rules and the purpose of the activity.

After the program, the first activity was a mind game wherein the group will form a big circle and be able to memorize everybody's name. After the said activity, the games were then started.

Soldier Mom's Corner Blogger (myself) as I facilitated the first game.

First Game: Egg Catching

Second Game: Calamansi Relay

Third Game: Sack Race
Group picture taking before taking a break and snack time.
While some are having their snacks, swimming and chatting time during the break, we grab the opportunity to have our videoke time.

The next game held was the leg race wherein a string was tied on the players' ankle. The pair must be able to go around a pole (which was not included in the photo) and go back to their team's position.

This was the spider web game. The group is composed of 6 members each. The group must be able to cross three of them by carrying their designated groupmates. The group with the fastest time wins.

Right after the games, we then proceeded back to Drill Instructor's Nest for the early dinner/merienda and exchange gifts.

Some of the gifts during the GAD Team Building.
Since the event was for overnight, the whole night was filled with singing, laughing, and bonding. As for a preggy mommy like me, I opted to have my midnight snack and sing my heart out thru the videoke.

The following morning, my underclass Rodelyn and I, went to an early swimming. I was dreaming to spend more time in the water but since swimming triggers premature contractions, I opted not to stay long and just satisfy my cravings to swim.

My second time to be in bikini while pregnant. Celebrating the gift of motherhood. So what with the "whale" figure.

As a whole, I find our team building fruitful and full of fun. I am looking forward for another GASB team building for the coming years. Empowering women and standing for our rights!