08 December 2011

ECHO’s First Monthly Birthday Celebration inside Camp

            Since 08 July 2011, every 8th day of the month has been one of the happiest days of our family since this marks the day when my firstborn son Echo arrived. We even celebrated a “Mommy-Baby Day” last 08 October 2011 since aside from his 3rd month birthday, this was also my 27th birthday celebration. We have been celebrating Echo’s monthly birthday at our residence in Pangasinan together with his Wowa (Grandmother) and Pops (Grandfather).

        His fifth month was different from usual. It was very his first time to celebrate his monthly birthday away from Pangasinan, his first time to have a real baby visitor and his first time to be in my workplace as well. Travelling with a baby is not that easy for I was like bringing the whole locker with me. But knowing that I will not be able to be with him for the next two (2) weeks makes me crazy! So I opted to bring him along with me, it just so happened that it was also his fifth month birthday. 

            For his monthly birthday celebration, I just bought a cake for him (I forgot the name). When I arrived in the barracks where I brought Echo and my mom, I just lighted the candle then my mom, Pretzel Serran, Pretzel’s son JayJay and I sung a birthday song. Echo’s eyes were full of astonishment and was really staring at his cake and candle. That night, he also played and laughed with JayJay. It was so nice seeing my son gaining new friend. It was a tiring day yet, it was also full of fun!

It was not Echo’s first time to be inside camp given that he was born in a military hospital, stayed in GHQ, Camp Aguinaldo for two (2) weeks after birth, and stayed in Fort Bonifacio for how many times. But it was his first time to visit my current office and seen by my bosses and office mates. They were all excited to say hi and to hold Echo. Well, aside from his first monthly birthday celebration held inside camp, Echo will also be attending several military Christmas parties.

Oh well, for now, happy fifth month birthday son!