01 December 2011

ECHO’s First Brat-Date

           For a first-time mother like me, one of my concerns is for my little Echo to have good and real friends as he grows up. I think when that time comes, I will be happy enough when Echo meet friends that I know that he may depend on, trust and share his thoughts with and most importantly, friends that will lead him to good influence despite this fast changing and chaotic world.

Most of the time, kids do build friendship with the children of their parents’ circle of friends. I think I am very lucky to have real close friends who coincidentally will also be Echo’s future Godparents as well. One of these people includes Mommy Glaiza GarciaTominio, a wife of my close buddy and a co-Philips Avent Philippines mom. Mommy Glaiza and I share a lot in common when it comes to mommyhood. We conceived last 2010, have the same OB-Gynecologist ( Dra Adesita Binalay who is also our close friend), experienced nearly preterm labor and survived it and the funniest thing; we were road mates (we walked everyday at the AFP Medical Center) during those times we were already in labor last July 2011. Mommy Glaiza gave birth to Noelle Sabria (Noa) last July 4, 2011 while I gave birth to my Marco Quintin (Echo) last July 8, 2011.

Knowing mommy Glaiza’s devotion to her faith, I knew that as a Godparent, she will be a great influence to my son. I want my son to be surrounded by people who has a close relationship with God. It has been almost three (3) months that we haven’t seen each others’ babies. So we both decided to meet up last Saturday (26 November 2011) since Echo and I will be having a short vacation in Manila coinciding with his check-up at UST Hospital. 

About 0530H (5:30 a.m), together with my mother (Echo’s wowa) and one of my subordinates, Echo and I hit the road to Manila. At about 1030H (10:30 a.m.), we arrived at Gateway Mall, where Mommy Glaiza and I decided to meet up. We proceeded at Pizza Hut Bistro since we were all hungry. Mommy Glaiza and Baby Noa arrived at about 1120H (11:20 a.m.) and we all had a great chat. Echo and Noa were both very noisy and jolly and they were like having their own baby conversation. Mommy Glaiza and I just realized how fast time flies. When we were still single, we spend a lot of time shopping, eating and having coffee time together. Now, we barely see each other and most often than not, we just meet in mommy-baby occasions. Nevertheless, I think mommy Glaiza and my other mommy friends will agree with me that we enjoy having these kinds of moments.

Seeing Noa and Echo together makes me envision their blooming friendship in the future. I hope that they will also be able to meet their other bratmates and bond with them. I hope that more brat-dates will be set for our babies.