16 December 2011

Christmas Party the Navy Way

       I think Christmas has been one of the most celebrated occasions in history. Well, as for me, I have stopped celebrating such occasions since I personally chose to follow my husband’s walk in faith (Iglesia Ni Cristo). On the other hand, since I am the admin officer of my current office, I was the one tasked to supervise and direct every detail of our office Christmas party. 

      My operations officer was my direct boss for the event. Of course my Commanding Officer is the approving authority. With a limited budget, our office was able to commemorate Christmas in a simple yet meaningful way. A week of planning was allotted. Two days before the party, my reasearchers took charge in buying gifts for the children (dependents’ sons and daughters who are 15 years old and below). They also took charge of the gift wrapping a day before the big event. I think the most tiring part was the d-day. Why? Oh well, at about 0400H, we already went to the market to buy for the ingredients to be used for cooking and prizes for the parlor games. At about 0600H, we went back to the office and started preparing. As for me, I still attended and represented my office in the Parole Making presentation. I asked a little favor from the Lantern Contest Committee if I may already elucidate the meaning of our lantern since I still have a party to supervise, which the Chairman allowed me to do so.

        At about 1030H, I personally took charge in starting the program by initiating several parlor games such as, egg cathing for the kids, pinoy henyo kids version, trip to Jerusalem and Newspaper dance father and child version. After this, we took a little break at about 1130H and had a light merienda (pancit and pandesal).While the rest are having their merienda, I took the opportunity to go back to barracks and fetch for my mother and son. Yes, I already can see what’s in your mind people. This was the highlight of the party for me, having been able to bring my baby in the party. Essentially, this was the very first Christmas party that my son have ever attended. And this is my very first Christmas party being a mom and for my mother, being a grandmom. Oh well, as expected, everyone was ardent in holding Echo while I am circling around the vicinity of the party.

At about 1230H, I already asked everyone to gather around for the more formal part of the program. Opening prayer was done. Welcome remarks was given by our operations officer and a Christmas message was given by my Commanding officer. Afterwhich, we gave away the first set of the gifts for the kids. Lunch was served at about 1300H. Courtesy of the enlisted personnel in our office, we were able to serve scrumptious meals such as chicken lechon, pork ribs adobo, grilled bangus, lechon kawali, caldereta and pinapaitan. Obviously, we did it the Ilocano way.

The third part of the program was the continuation of the games and gift giving. The party concluded at about 1430H. The event wasn’t as extravagant as those other parties held by other offices whether civilian kind of parties or military. But what left a mark for me is knowing that the event, no matter how simple, it was a success seeing our personnel and their families happy and seeing my Commanding officer and operations officer satisfied with how the party was handled. Most of all, I think this Christmas party will be listed in one of my favorite events in my book of life having my mom and son in the party.

*Please bear with me. Since I was also the anchor, I wasn’t able to get pictures of the games during the party.