15 August 2013

SMC Picks for Mommy Skin Care {Short-Product Review}

1. Celeteque Facial Scrub
     I use this every other day which help my skin free from impurities like blackheads and whiteheads as well. It is so natural that you can hardly feel the beads but can vividly see how it cleanses your face. Price: Php95.00 to Php140.00.

     I became a Mary Kay fan just last December 2012. I first tried their liquid foundation and poof! I just found myself loving their numerous products. I use botanical facial wash everyday. It has no smell and is all natural. And take note! It can be used by infanticipating women! Price: $14.00

     As we go of age, we must always keep our skin hydrated. I am more of a morena when it comes to skin color so I do give special attention to my skin's remaining asset (evenly toned, smooth/pimple free and moisturized). I just love this moisturizer because I can readily use it in any type of the day may it be rainy, windy or even in hot summer days. I use my moisturizer twice a day: after taking a bath in the morning and having a shower before going to sleep.

4. Mary Kay Botanical Facial Moisturizer

     MK botanical moisturizer works perfectly just like that of the Celeteque facial moisturizer. I use these two moisturizers alternatively. This is a bit pricey than celeteque but can be used in a longer span of time (which make it cheaper I think).

5. Mary Kay Timewise Liquid Foundation

     After moisturizing your skin, we must protect it from harmful rays of the sun, dirt and stress. Liquid foundation serves as first layer of our skin. Instead of directly catching all the dirt from our activities, it traps first those unnecessary skin pollutants.

     I love having a hot bath. Having a hot bath entails having a nice body wash and Olay body wash gives me this satisfaction. I just love its cucumber smell and the instant moisturizing effects it contribute to my skin. Price: $5.49.

     Lotion keeps us away from having cracked and chappy skin. I use Olay body lotion (partnered with the body was) after taking a bath. Price: $4.99.

8. Celeteque Facial Wipes Make Up Remover

     I have been using light make-up lately specifically when using corporate attire as uniform. After wearing make-up, I do cleanse my face first with celeteque make up remover wipes. Remember, keeping make-up to sleep makes our skin older.

9. Mary Kay Botanical Effects Facial Mask

     This product keeps my skin away from blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. I use it every three days right after using MK Botanical 3 in 1 Facial Wash.

So that's it! Next time I will be sharing some other products which I have already tested and have passed within my standards :) How about you ladies? What do you use to pamper your skin?