26 September 2012

A Surprising Blogger Award

    Blogging was introduced to me by my good friend Mommy Glaiza of Moomy Musings who has been a blogger from 2002. She has motivated me to share my thoughts on how I balance my career and family in order to inspire working moms specifically military mommies and military wives as well.  That served as my purpose to blog so last November 2011, just four months after becoming a mother, I started blogging.

     As a blogger, earning is at the bottom of my list since writing out of the realms of my profession is already a big prize for me. It keeps me sane and connected to the outside world. Neither did it come into my mind that one day, I will be given a blogger award. Until one day, I received a surprise comment from mommy Krystyna of Adventures on Planet Mom that she chose me to be one of the recipients of the Liebster Award. I wasn't able to open my blog page  so it took me about a week or two to find out about the great news!

     So what is this Liebster Award all about? "Liebster is a German word whose meanings include kindest, dearest, favorite, valued, welcome."

     Liebster Blog Award gives recognition to newbie and incoming bloggers whose followers are of not more than 200-300. The said award is said to have started in Germany.

     Meanwhile, prior accepting the award, a list of rules is to be followed:
  1.  Write 11 things about yourself.
  2.  Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you PLUS you must create 11 more for the people that you will nominate for this award.
  3.  Select up to 11 bloggers; linking them to your post.
  4. Go to their page and inform them of their nomination. 
  5. Strictly NO tags back. Only tag bloggers with less than 200 followers.
     So here are my answers to the random things posted above:
 1. I love dancing. It's one of my passions. I was even part of the PMA Pep Squad, Dance Society and Dance Sports when I was a cadet.
 2. I move like a dancer but I kick hard in the soccer field. It's my ball sport.
 3. I love spicy food. I even eat grilled chillies!
 4. If I am not a naval officer, I may be working now as a statistician or accountant.
 5. I am a bookworm and a writer in one.
 6. I once dreamt of becoming a pilot but did not pursue the same since I'm afraid of heights.
 7. I am not afraid of doing experiments with my hair. From long to super short; from curly to straight; from having highlights to bare black.
 8. Eight is my lucky number. I was born on the 8th of October while my firstborn was born on July 8.
 9. Venice is my dream vacation spot.
 10. Most of my friends tell me that I have a lucky charm when it comes to raffles. I think I will agree with that.
 11. My world revolves around my family.
   Likewise, here are my answers to mommmy Krystyna's questions:

   When and Why did you start blogging? 
     As I have written earlier, I started blogging just last November 2011 for the purpose of sharing my experiences and thoughts as a soldier mom and army wife.

   What's in your playlist now?
     I'm currently listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozzart. They say classical songs are good for the baby inside my tummy. ^_^

   What's the most recent book that you read?
     I am currently reading "What To Expect When Expecting." It is already my second pregnancy but haven't read this book yet since I used a different reference in my previous pregnancy.

   What is your pig out food?
     They say pregnant women have peculiar taste. For the past five months, I did crave for Japanese food. 

   What's the best thing that happened to you this year?
      Well, a lot. First, my husband and I celebrated our second year anniversary. Second, my firstborn child Echo turned one. I got pregnant with my second child and is now infanticipating for a baby girl. And lastly, having quality social life with my mommy friends.

   What's in your bucket list that you plan to accomplish before the year ends?
      My son's surgery and our trip back home to Davao.

   What is the one thing that gives you the most joy?
      My family.

   Who is your role model?
      My mother. She did not finish her education but she is a very intellectual, responsible, strong-willed and loving wife, mother and grandmother in one.

   What are your thought now?
      I am praying for the successful operation of my son.

   What makes you smile?
      I am a positive person so just being able to wake up in the morning and live my life for the day already makes me smile.

   What is the one word that best describes you as a blogger?
      Straightforward yet tactful.

   To share the accolade that I just received, the following are my selected blogs nominated for Liebster Award:

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 tinkerputt's turf
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   And here are your 11 questions:
1. If you can bring back time, is there something you want to fix? What is it?
2. If you are a domesticated animal, what are you?
3. If you are a body of water, what are you?
4. If ever you meet death and is given a minute or two before you go, what will you do?
5. What is your ultimate dream?
6. Would you rather be beautiful or rich? Why?
7. What food represents you?
8. What will you do with one million pesos if ever you will be given the chance to be receive huge amount?
9. Are you pro or anti Cybercrime Law? Why?
10. Are you pro or anti RH Bill? Why?
11. Where do you want to be at this very moment?

   Now its your turn to share the award!